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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony - Fandom Energy · 11:51pm October 3rd

A lot of people are left with questions following the G5 movie, and rightfully so.

While some lament the lack of answers, I, personally, am overjoyed by the mystery. For those who weren't around in 2010-2011, a huge part of the joy of Equestria was filling in the blanks. Literally anything that happened - no matter how small - was followed by a surge of fandom energy filling in the gaps and holes.

Take Lyra Heartstrings. There is a massive fanon backstory about who she is, and why she is so in love with human culture. The reason? A shot of her sitting like a human. She was in the background for less than three seconds of S1E8, "Dragonshy," and the entire mythos around her stems from this single missable moment.

Speculation is so much fun, and MLP: ANG left us with a lot to speculate about. Have fun!


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Agreed wholeheartedly. I spent much of the back half of G4 watching the writing staff fill more holes than they dug. Seeing wide vistas of unanswered questions is a delight.

I very much agree! Between what fans create with their own thoughts and perspectives, it’s always amazing and delightful!

Indeed; there's so much to explore here! :D

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