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Author update · 12:43am September 23rd

Hey guys, I'm sorry for the silence since... well, a while ago, other than a couple of blogs with music in them. School started again and that meant re-arranging my hours, especially now that my son got into orchestra which has SUPER early classes. I've had to adjust to that, and besides having to wake up at ungodly hours, there's a big push for some stuff to be done at work, which predictably is made harder by VIPs and higher-ups on top of making sure thousands of PCs are finished doing security updates by next week which require a 2-hour (if we're lucky) long installation of Windows 1909. Unfortunately, the Infrastructure team planned this whole thing in a way which was (and I can't help but cringe as I write this) entirely dependent on the compliance of the endusers. So, of course they did jack-shit and they never reached out to us to help them with the issues until crunch time... so there goes my weekend. And my energy. And my lunch time.

Anyway, I have started several things that I'm working towards finishing, and you'll see posted as soon as shit calms down.

Thank you all for your patience.


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Unfortunately, the Infrastructure team planned this whole thing in a way which was (and I can't help but cringe as I write this) entirely dependent on the compliance of the endusers.


Largest of oofs. Good luck out there, D.

But let's be real, it's my fault.

Good luck and I look forward to your posts!

Work is about to take me off the grid for weeks to months at a time. Gonna miss this G5 release.

Da-yum! I wish you luck, and thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for the update but seriously, calm down! RL comes first. We'll be here when life calms down

Well hope the issues don’t continue for you sounds stressful

Dangum, never been so glad to work in a trailer yard. One way or another problems tend to resolve themselves quickly.

You take care of yourself now mate.

Good luck, Wanderer! We'll still be waiting patiently and excitedly for whenever you get the chance to write more horsewords! So take it easy.

entirely dependent on the compliance of the endusers.

Don't you love when someone else's fault becomes your problem by design?

Good luck!

Huzzah for other people's ineptitude becoming your problem...
Good luck

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