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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Monday
    You are in Equestria

    Butt it's a typical Bendyfic one.

    What would you do? Would you reject big ponies and want normal-sized ponies? Tell them to knock off the growth?

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  • Saturday
    Pineapple on pizza is heresy

    Does anyone else agree? I find it to be heresy when someone puts pineapple on pizza.

    I feel like we need an epic pony story that deals with this conflict. Maybe, G5 happened in Equestria when somepony put pineapple on pizza which opened pandora's box?

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  • 6 days
    Where would be the safest place in Equestria be?

    I'm thinking some random town in the middle of nowhere. Just stay away from Canterlot and Ponyville, get a simple job and marry some redneck pony, and you'll be fine. You will be able to avoid most of the crazy shenanigans that happen in the show. If you see the Mane Six, just run out of town for a while, then come back.

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  • 1 week
    G5 Human in Equestria

    I waited... and I waited... but nobody made this group. So, here's a G5 Human in Equestria group. Even thousands of years from now ponies cannot escape the loving touch of human hands.


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  • 1 week
    How heavy would a Pony be to lift?

    Let's take Rarity for example, an average sized pony. Could a human gentleman carry her up a staircase as a newly wedded bride? Or would said human need to be a buff tank to lift her?

    Now... if the pony is Princess Celestia.... forget about it. Too much cake for most men. The human lifting her would need to be someone like Eddie Hall to lift that big mama horse.

    23 comments · 110 views

Ponies reactions to a human eating meat? · 6:07am September 18th

I seen some stories where the ponies behave like screeching harpies over the fact that a human eats meat. As in overreact, and make such a big thing about it, and shun the human. We can assume the ponies have diplomatic relations with sapien minded species like the Griffons. I'm pretty sure the Griffons eat meat, and it goes without saying the Griffons are not going to kill and eat ponies.... because that would be idiotic, and would spark a war.

So, the ponies may not be such screeching harpies that others eat meat.

I'm pretty sure that even Gilda season 1 is not going to randomly kill somepony and eat them. And she's an example of a more thuggish Griffon. Let's narrow down how some ponies would react to a human (or you) eating meat. Let's take the mane six for example.

Twilight Sparkle is well-read, so will know some animals eat meat and stuff. She will ask you many questions.

Rarity.... unfortunately, I could see her being scared, and behaving a bit like a screeching harpy. Her friends may need to calm her down.

Rainbow Dash might find it cool that you eat meat, but has questions as to why since you are far not as strong as a pony.

Pinkie Pie... she makes you a meat pie instead of a cake? She gets you the meat from somewhere.

Applejack, she a farmer, and knows about nature, I don't think she will care as long as you don't eat sapiens.

Fluttershy, the same as Applejack. She will know even more about nature. She may be a little scared, however. Since you are a sapien.

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Comments ( 18 )

And Celestia will ask for a ribeye steak!

Add some pepper sauce and it be even better.

In some of the episodes ponies are seen eating ham sandwiches, plus they regularly eat eggs cheese and drink milk, so it goes without saying that there is evidence that they're an omnivorous species. If they were exclusively herbivores, they would be a bit chunkier, like how irl horses and ponies are.

That is true. You can see that if you look closely. That may imply why Applejack has pigs. She needs them for the meat.

Actually horses are technical omnivorous they can and do eat very small amounts of meat. Also fun fact I just learned recently human can survive ONLY on meat but you need to eat the whole animal to do it

They also use the hogs(pigs are the babies, I grew up in an area with plenty of domestic, feral and wild hogs) for leather, vellum, the making of ink, lard and fertilizer. They never showed it in the show, but they probably rendered down the fat for glycerin for use in wax, industrial lubricants and explosives.

They also enslave cows who have shown an ability to communicate. The ponies are slave masters and monsters, but that’s why we love em. :twilightsmile:

Given their reaction to Zecora, there's a chance they might believe he's a necromancer since he's asking for the dead flesh of an animal and needs it to live. Only really works if they haven't already been exposed to meat-eating species.



That would not be such a bad thing. I find bigger is better after all.

I don't think it would be very healthy to only eat meat.

They get their hands on leather somehow. Maybe from dead cows that passed on.

The cows don't seem to rebel. They seem to be content to be willing subjects under the ponies' lordship.

Yeah, that could happen. But a Pony like Twilight Sparkle would know better I think. She knew Zecora was zebra. That implies she has a fair bit of knowledge of other species. I say she knows about meat eating sapient-minded species. She has a baby dragon after all as a little brother.

I think she means a more friendly version of eating.

Well, of course.

My headcanon on the matter is basically just a setup for a "pleasures of the flesh" pun; everypony does it, but you're not even supposed to talk about it in polite company. Between this and the result of realizing that everyone else is walking around naked, the local human is probably going to end up with a reputation as a pervert.

The hidden group of ponies that love the meat could be funny. Twilight Sparkle eating bacon secretly.

but dragons only eat gems iirc. also fluttershy has fed life worms to birds and fish to ... ferrets(?). also cats are said to eat mice, she had that plush toy, spike tried to use to frame owlishiuswes

I suppose you're right about dragons. Can always play loose with canon in a story regardless.

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