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The Mares in the Moon - Plans · 4:39pm September 5th

Hey all. Just wanted to make this blog real quick as I'm sitting here on the weekend not writing, yet.

For all of you that have read the first chapter of The Mares in the Moon and have left a like, fave or comment: thanks a bunch. I had been worried that it wouldn't grab anyone's attention, so it was good to see the positive response. Makes me feel excited to see future reactions and publish more chapters.

I hit the publish button on Friday in the first place because I had spent a lot of time proofreading the first three chapter drafts over and over again, and I wanted to move on to writing more. The original plan had been to finish the story in full and then publish daily, but I haven't finished a chapter in a few months so... This is my first attempt to write and release a story serially in a long, long time (see my first published story which was way too big an undertaking for my first story), so we'll see how well this goes to give me the motivation to keep writing.

The current plan is to release a new chapter each Friday. For now that means two weeks of updates, and hoping by the third to have the fourth chapter finished, and then continuing until done. The current outline is between 10 and 12 chapters total to give you an idea of how "big" the story is, but plans could change.

And that's that.

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This probably be in a blog but, reading your blog inspired me to speak. :twilightblush:

I have like eight story's that I have started some have five thousand word's some have less. For me I have realized. It takes me communicating better or something to publish stuff? It's a funny thing wanting to write but, yet not wanting to finish because of fear. (for me, mind)

Like I have some stories that I want to write or re-write (Need's) because I literally have the whole thing planned and written it's just...fear, fear of judgemenet, fear of doing well, fear and...

I also wanted to start a group here but, ounce again I think now that I have unfiltered desire to just communicate? I feel braver in a way? Life is silly and living can feel very large indeed.



Best I can offer is to just go ahead and throw them out there. You've got to get feedback and critique at some point, and if you hold onto the stories rewriting them over and over again without getting an opinion, there's no chance for you to grow as a writer.

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