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A Request For All of You..... · 6:24pm Aug 19th, 2021

To put it frankly, and quote unquote The Blue EM2, "As long as the internet exists, there will be trolls."

Wise words indeed.

There is no understanding it all. These people make accounts and blog posts just to embarrass/ humiliate someone, with my friend Lion Star 2001 often being the victim.

The best thing is to simply ignore and block. Three important words. Ignore and Block.

Why? Responding only eggs them on. In fact, they wait quite eagerly for it.

Being smart and open-minded people, we choose to ignore. Quote unquoting The Blue EM2 again, "People who live solely to make others miserable aren't worth the time of day." And they aren't. Not a single freaking minute.

I'd hate to name the users, but as some say, unless you're not aware, you won't be prepared.

Light Right, Bird Red,and Blue dragon 2006 being three fine examples. (Bird Red is fortunately banned, Blue dragon was too, and Light Right needs to be).

Beware of such people and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT hesitate to report or block them.

Stay safe everyone and take care of yourselves.

P.S.- Keep in mind, anything they say, truth or no truth, you are perfect the way you are and need not listen to such people.:twilightsmile:

P.P.S- If you find any such case arising, be it anyone, I would suggest going to The Blue EM2, TheKMExperience, and Dragon-In-Black as they have helped me immediately when I needed it.

Many thanks!

Report PrincessEnchanteDream · 220 views ·
Comments ( 17 )

Understood, thanks for the heads up :twilightsmile:

5571124 For what, if you don’t mind me asking?

For taking time to read and respond to my blog, as well as understanding it.

They all seem to be friends from a common group.

But, then again, we don't know the actual reality behind them. All we know is that they're terrible people who need to be stopped as early as possible.

Unfortunately. But we can do from our part, and that really matters the most.

I try but sometimes I cant help myself, sometimes I see somethings that triggers me.

Trust me, it's very hard to keep your temper in check sometimes.

We just gotta be careful that we don't do anything we'll regret later.....

100% ignore is the best solution both immediately and long-term.
The thing I find difficult is sticking to 100% and not try and get in some "goodbye" or last words.

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