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    The Lion Star Incident Explained From My Perspective

    *clears throat* Ahem, this is gonna be a really long post, so be with me, kay?

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The Lion Star Incident Explained From My Perspective · 5:57pm Oct 8th, 2021

*clears throat* Ahem, this is gonna be a really long post, so be with me, kay?

I know things that happened recently are quite confusing and to clear it up, I've made a whole timeline from the starting to the end.

Hope this explains everything.

1)Lion Star joins on 24th May, 2021 as you can see from the link. This is the first person, and I'll be referring to her as Star to make things easier.

2)Blue dragon 2006 joins on 6th July, 2021. Simply put, this is not Star using another account, because I've had messages from both of them at the same time and that's not possible unless she's using two phones at the same time, and typing with both hands. Now, Star has been going through some tough times, so she comes to talk to me.

3)The first message I get from Star is a Hi, How are you on 11th of July. We start talking and everything's pretty fine.

4)Now, exactly one day later, I get a PM from Dragon, who introduces himself as Star's boyfriend. He tells me about her previous relationship, which is confirmed by Star herself.

5)So you all know how they both are from Chile, Spain right? English isn't their first language and they use a translator to communicate. Which leads to the constant mix-up of male and female pronouns. I was very confused when Dragon kept on referring to Star as he.

6)I'm not going to lie, I honestly thought those two were pranking me because of all the things that happened to Star. It did sound like a whole bunch of baloney, but real or not real, I was hoping I could listen and probably offer some advice.

7)I have no idea how they're going to school during these times, but apparently they did. On the 20th, Star messages me, saying that she wants to kill herself because a really private picture of her was uploaded on the school website. And I'm like WTF? A completely nude one of her, taken while she was getting changed and then circulated everywhere. Excuse me? I have serious questions.
a)Does your country not have covid or anything? How the bloody hell are you guys going to school?
b)Why on earth would you change your clothes where anyone could see you? I've changed many times in the school locker room which had perfectly functioning locks.
c)Do you not have any sense of attention to know if anyone's taking a picture?

8) Then things start to go downhill. On the 21st of July, Star PM's me, telling that today afternoon, she and Dragon went for a walk in the park, when a guy(not dragon) comes up to them...and...sexually harasses Star. Like, legit...she almost got....raped, but Dragon punched that guy in the nose, and they get away from there. On reaching home, Star locks herself in her bedroom...and self-harms herself...again.

9)Star's obviously pretty traumatized, and despite me asking her not to go out, she still does, and comes across her attacker from earlier...and accidentally wets herself. Dragon finds it hilarious.

10)Her parents(adoptive/biological I dunno) are trying to fix the situation, and have her and Dragon change schools. On the same day, Dragon messages me, laughing at Star having a nightmare. He apologizes, but doesn't mean it at all.

11)23rd July, Dragon confesses...he's been cheating on Star. His reason? Two girls are better than one. From, this point onwards, I realized something was very very wrong. First, Dragon was not being his usual self, like not making any jokes, all he went on and on about Star being a baby. I swear, I'm not lying.

12) I tried to convince him it's not funny(her being traumatized), but...he didn't listen.

13)Enter Tyrannosauraus Comet, Star's supposedly best friend( not brother at that time). He tells me that they've been best friends since childhood(strangely, dragon said the same thing. Hmmm.), and he really wants to ask her out. In the evening, I get frantic messages from him, stating that Star's been missing for a couple hours. These hours turn into days, and the day after, he tells me that she's been found unconscious in a warehouse. Apparently, dragon was the one who raped her and put her into coma.

14)Now, after star wakes up, she and comet exchange I love yous and are promptly dating, dragon's tried for prison, and sent to prison, where he dies on the first day. All in the span of three fucking days.

15)Star finds out from her mother(biological/adoptive I dunno), that dragon's like her step-brother or something. By the same mother, she also finds out that comet is also related to her, and they break up, because incest y'all. The fuck? Like is there no one else in your country, or why the fuck is everyone related to you?

16) I have no idea where this Storm Snow person is or where he's from, but he's this really aggressive boyfriend who she's dating. Comet approves or something, and things seem to be fine for a little while.

17)Here's the worst part. EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING.TIME. STAR GOES OUT, SHE BLOODY GETS RAPED. Fucking what? She then goes to a therapist, who also rapes her, and she gets pregnant by this so-called therapist. I'm sorry but I legit cried. Rape in no country is a joke, and these people act like it's so common to happen to the same person again and again. Then, Light Right and Bird Red are both bullies from dragon's group who enter for the sole purpose to bully her. I'm not gonna lie, I even stood up for her once or twice, but quickly stopped because it was obvious these two guys were doing it for attention. I advised star to block and not talk to them, but she said if she doesn't do that, they'll hit her and abuse her and stuff.

18)All this takes place within a few days. Maybe if it was a gap of two months it might've made sense. But none of this did. If that's not bad, she loses the baby, takes like 3+ bottles of painkillers (fucking how?), and then tries to jump out of the hospital window. Excuse me honey, what kind of hospital doesn't supervise over it's patients? Then, she gets cancer and ulcers or something, and is miraculously cured soon. Brilliant.

19)After that, after seeing star getting raped so many times, snow does it too. He goes all mean and stuff, acting eerily like dragon, who is supposed to be dead. If that's not ridiculous, after 2 weeks or something, he apologizes and says sorry and goes back to being a "nice" person. I haven't heard from him since, and frankly I don't really care anymore.

20)That pretty much wraps up the entire incident. Star did message me, asking how I was. I replied I was fine, to which she responded, "good, but i'm bad". According to her, supersayin241 is her current boyfriend, after having met him for like three days. I'm really sorry but I don't care anymore. She also mentioned how she's bi and her whole school knows because the girl she kissed uploaded a picture of them kissing on the school website. I get the director(principal) could be homophobic, but the rest of the school? I'm sorry but it's not possible to have the entire school hating and bullying you because you're bi.

Star, if you're reading this, I truly am sorry, but I can't do this anymore. I don't know what to believe, or what not too. If all this is actually true, then I wish you the best of luck for your future and hope things will be fine for you. If it's not, then I hope you know what kind of sick, miserable, person you are. I swear I'm not a bad person, I hate seeing anyone upset or down, but I've tried my best to help you, but I'm sorry, I'm stepping away from all this.

To all others who are reading, thank you for being patient and bothering yourself with it. I personally felt I needed to explain my perspective of the entire incident. I'm sorry, I really needed to say this. And my humble request, please don't think of me as another alt. accountss by her, because I swear I'm not, I wasn't involved much, but I did know a couple of things. I...I'm actually crying at this point, it's all too much. I...I....I used to think it was real, and offered my stupid, unhelpful advice.

If you don't believe me, at least believe Crimmar, who's been a tremendous help in proving the facts. This forum should also help explain.

Thank you all for all your support and being there with me. (The Blue EM2 and TheKMExorcism I'm looking at you!)

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you’re not the only one

Thank you....I'm pretty shaken up by everything.

*hugs* all you can do now is move on and forget about it

Thanks for the write-up.
I know it's exhausting to deal with all the drama you had to put up with, but I can only offer my gratitude and best wishes.

It's also a good reminder as to why I tend to keep to myself online, and not get involved too closely with people I haven't been around for lots of time.

Thank you, and I didn't even know how the hell I got caught up in all this. One moment we're just talking, and the next this whole thing blew up. I...I'm just glad to be done with it, once and for all...

One must admit that...I have no idea what the hell was going on in this case.

This is something

I hope things are explained and done for now..

Thanks for putting this all together. Quite a few of my own followers are wanting to get a perspective on what happened. Do you mind if I boost this on my blog?

Thank you... for writing out what I couldn't muster the strength to compile.

No. But at least one person is a troll, trying to abuse people's emotions to get attention for themselves whilst they can't even keep their own story straight.

It sickens me that people like that exist.

It's unbelievably convoluted and confusing.

Little bit of an update:

Eldorado has banned for a week this guy (https://www.fimfiction.net/user/456428/BiG+Mr+fluttershy) who is supposed to be Lion Star's current boyfriend. The account was laughing up about how he and Lion share accounts (total bull, by the way, they just forgot to do the switch-e-roo), got reported, and got banned for that.

And, according to Eldorado himself, he also of course banned all the accounts he was aware of that belonged to the same person. Thus he banned that account, plus Lion Star, plus the Tyrannosaur Comet account, and at least another alt that I'm aware of that whoever is behind all those accounts also made in order to create more pity attention as he tried to raise attention about 'hope Star get unbanned.'

Mind you, Eldorado only banned the accounts he cared to look at and isn't aware of the whole drama—gave him a very short version and he stated he got a headache from all the stupid—, so that doesn't make all the other accounts legit. It just means he didn't look at them, and considering how they act and who they're supposed to be, it's obvious they are alts too.

Long story short, absolutely nothing was true at all.

So yeah. I'm sorry for the emotional roller-coaster you went through, but it seems you were a victim of attention seeking. Hopefully, the asshole behind all those accounts (and there are a number of extra accounts I personally suspect are also alts) won't be able to garner more victims of emotional abuse for his fucked up attention seeking that easy now.

I guess it was only a matter of time till they got banned. Thanks though, you were really helpful.

Yeah... this is why I chose to declare neutrality and focus on finding the truth, whatever that truth may be.

I'm open enough that, if all of this did indeed happen and can be proven to have happened, I would accept it.

To quote Goro Akechi:

When this whole thing started, I did not do anything because I did not know what to believe but after a few weeks or months I started to work a little from the shadows and garner some information about them but I never made the conclusion that Crimmar did that it was the same person. So I do apologize for not coming sooner, but do know that I did have my eyes on he/her. :ajsleepy:

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