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Random Art Dump: DeviantArt Edition! · 4:32am August 17th

Howdy folks! First and foremost, as always, Adorable Applejack:

Now then...

How is everyone? Been a hot minute. I'm doing relatively well. I start at University of Houston next week... at least I hope I do. See, despite me submitting my application at the end of April, I only got officially accepted on the 5th of this month. Which means I've had about two weeks to scramble and get the GI Bill set up, and get signed up for classes. And since they made me wait so long, I had dick-all choices for classes. So, I think I'm good to go. I mean, come Monday I'm just gonna show up to class like, "Sup, freak bitches?" if they say I'm not on the list, I'll dust off my Public Affairs Bullshit-jutsu. Like, I don't want to go to college, but if I have to, dammit Imma do it.

Anywho, down to business. Tonight I've been doing what I normally do in the evenings, namely having a drink, watching YT videos, chatting on Discord, etc. But I've also been doing something I've been doing more and more lately: trawling through DeviantArt to see what strikes me fancy. Because amidst the sea of bad Sonic OC's, Sonic fetish art, and... well, the Sonic fandom, there are some legit talented artists there.

Anywhy, as I looked through my list of favorited images, I noted that it's almost like a geological record of what I was obsessed with at the time. It starts with nothing but Pony—with random pony throughout, naturally—then goes to Zootopia, then The Amazing World of Gumball, then Beastars, then Undertale before degenerating into a random mish-mash of all of the above, with random furry art sprinkled in.

Anywhat, I decided that tonight, Imma damn the rules, and post art form my faves list, regardless of if it's Pony or not. Because I'm a loner, Dotty. A rebel.

Anywhere, enjoy!

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Love it. Pretty sure I’m following some of those folks.

Gotta ask, since I never watched it— what’s up with Gumball and this shedding stuff? All I remember it being about was a rabbit and a fish with legs.

Oh, also:


Best tag ever.


In the show, Gumball's girlfriend Penny is originally shown like this:


But it's established that this is only a shell. Underneath, she looks like this:


Go hunt down the episode The Shell. One of the show's best.

"Ma'am, I can hear your perfume from here" is such a great line.

Yeah, with the next Magic set being very werewolf-focused, you'll probably see a good amount of art relevant to your interests in the near future.

(Heck, the dragon with the lute is eerily similar to something from the previous set...)

And I do have to love Applejack using Dash as a flail. :ajsmug::rainbowderp:

Oooh, gotcha. The one above it makes sense now— shipped kid.


Innit, though? That panel of Judy giving the skunk that determined death glare while downing her glass of wine gets me every time.

"Apple Bloom, my flail... bring me my flail..."

No robots or Papyrus? For shame

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