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    entry two-

    My first week amongst the Equestrian unicorns of Bridlewood was an interesting experience, entirely defying my expectations of these ponies and their home.

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A NEW GENERATION! · 8:54pm Aug 15th, 2021

Great News, everybody! I have just received word from Tornado, who was taking part in an archeological dig at some ruins near the New Equestria/Ponyland city of Maretime bay, that a whole new cache of records from old Equestria have been found! According to Tornado, these documents come from the time of the second fracturing of the pony tribes, centuries after the age of Twilight Sparkle, but before the Grogar Wars turned Equestria into Ponyland. These records cover a time when the tribes had been driven apart once more by mistrust, and with Celestia gone all magic has disappeared outside of Dream Valley.

It is the tale of how a small group of ponies tried to bring harmony and friendship back to a land that had forgotten it. So please look forward to the months ahead, as Tornado translates these documents from a forgotten period, and were learn of the adventures of the ponies Izzy, Pip, Hitch, Sunny, and Zip. In the meantime, look for a one-shot tale I was able to drag out of Applejack, whose foggy mess of memories lifted to tell me this interesting tale...

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Comments ( 8 )

Heh. Neat. n.n

So G5 wasn't actually 1000 years before G4 then?

Thought about that, wouldn't work. There are G4 References in g5 built in from the start. I'm actually tying G5 into my g3 stories; remember G3 had the tribes living divided in the ponyville region.

First let me say this, I thought you had left the site for a while and that was saddening. I'm glad to see you post something. I do look forward to your works involving G5, I'm sure they will be very interesting.

Thank you! ^^ The truth is, I never left the site, I just got burned out on writing pony for a decade, and needed a long break. G5 is re-sparking the flame.... PROVIDED the show will be good. :trixieshiftright:


I can understand the burnout. There have been a couple times in the past year I contemplated retirement but something always reignited my creative spark. I do hope the show is good.

Been thinking of how you'll put the G5 into your universe.

I'm a bit ho-hum on A New Generation's animation, as it reminds me of stuff like Paw Patrol and PJ Mask.(I have TOO many little cousins.) And was hesitant about the toys, but after receiving the Royal Gala pack, I think they're cuter in person.

Still don't give a hoot about the movie. And only being able to fly because of friendship magic is dumb, with a capital D.

Don't worry, I have a plan to explain the REAL reason why magic disappeared. :) Give the story a chance, it will be more like my other generation stuff than like the movie.

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