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August Peridot's study of Bridlewood unicorns, part one · 11:27pm Oct 26th, 2021

With the recent discovery and translation of records from the era of the second sundering of the tribes, I thought I'd share a record we had tucked away in the Dream Valley archives. This excerpt comes from the memoirs of August Peridot, a unicorn stallion scholar from the crystal empire who came south the study the unicorns of Bridlewood. This is his story, and the creepy events that occurred around it....

To her royal majesty, Empress Dazzleglow, alicorn ruler of the Crystal Empire, and Daughter of Princess Flurry Heart, greetings,

Your royal highness, this is August Peridot, your loyal servant and historian for the Crystal Empire. As you have requested of me, I have journeyed south with a merchant's caravan, and entered the fractured kingdom that was once called Equestria. From here, I proceeded south towards our old ally, Dream Valley, where I stayed for several days, before continuing towards that portion of the Everfree forest now called Bridlewood. As per your request, I have begun my study of the Equestrian unicorns, who live in their own separate community in these lands, and they live, along with their customs and culture.

In the next several entries, I will expound upon my experiences here over the next several months; of modern Equestrian unicorns and customs, on the few friends I have managed to make here (including two... unique unicorns, namely a stallion with whom I enjoy gambling, and a lovely, long-haired, playful and energetic unicorn artist with whom I enjoy... something else). I will also tell you about how these ponies are coping with the loss of their unicorn magic, how they reacted to me still having mine, and how they believe the other pony types might be responsible.

All this and more, I shall speak of in my next four entries, I will talk about all of my experiences during this visit... including my encounter with one of the spookiest legends of Ponydom, passed down from olden times. All this and more, this stockily built crystal unicorn stallion with a green coat and black mane will now relate to you. I hope this helps enrich your royal knowledge of Modern Equestria, and will be of use to the royal archivists.

until next time,

Baron August Peridot

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Ok, I'm a bit confused with some of the wording. Is G5 Equestria in existence right now or is it part of the past?

Comment posted by Paradise Oasis deleted Oct 27th, 2021

this is g5, about a half a year before Sunny's quest


What I'm asking is does G5 exist alongside your Ponyland...or is it like G4 Equestria, in the past.

g5 is in the past, If it's because I mentioned dream Valley, that dream castle kingdom was founded in the g4 era, and lasted down through the ages to the present, Dream Valley existed through all eras.


Thanks for letting me know.

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