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My Little Pony Movie News 08/12/2021 · 3:48pm Aug 12th, 2021

Mr. Dramamaster sir, the new trailer just came up a few hours ago!

*Snorts* Already? *Clears throat* Right... CUE THE MUSIC!!!

GOOOOOOOOD MORNING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for the Generation 5 Movie and beyond! It's been months and months since the announcement of a brand new 'My Little Pony' movie set to ignite the start of a new generation on the cusp of Generation 4's inevitable end. We've had character reveals (Including eventual casting calls), a bombshell of teaser screencaps to demonstrate just what we expect to uncover from the movie, and don't even get me started on all the merchandise reveals that is sure to have the millionaires risk leaving their homes to buy their products.

YOU SHUT UP!!! *Clears throat* Anyways, I can safely sure to everyone (And this one crazy Alicorn princess bugging the doctor to death) that we no longer have to wait for a trailer to come out in light of next month's film release. There's at least over two minutes worth of material to work with and all that goodness is available for all eyes to see right below:

By the time everyone finishes watching the movie, we will slowly go over just what we can expect with the movie going forward. And we kick things off with the trailers opening synopsis and I quote:

Once upon a time, ponies, pegasi and unicorns all lived in harmony, but those days are no more. When a happy-go-lucky unicorn wanders into Maretown, Earth Pony “Sunny” and her new friends set out on an adventure to restore magic and friendship to all of Equestria! Join a new generation of ponies as they set out on an adventure to prove that friendship is for every pony, and our sparkle is brightest when we shine together!

So in shorter terms, basically the movie establishes a time they were friends... but the 'Happiest Place on Earth' is like the 'Crappiest Place on Earth'...

This is all you're fault!!!
MY FAULT!!! Clearly it's all you're fault!!!

Thanks Looney! *Clears throat* Moving forward with the trailer, we open with a classic story of a passionate father relaying the story of ancient times when ponies of all shapes and sizes come together. The trailer doesn't reveal too much nor answer the question as to 'why' the ponies are no longer friends, but the father gives his word to little Sunny that 'together' they are going to discover the truth... and we all know what that means...

Disney movies taught me there's nothing I can't accomplish as long as my parents die a brutal untimely death.

All joking aside... Vanessa Hudgens lost her dad during the production of 'Grease: Live', God rest his soul, and I'm sure it's still traumatic. And in either case, we don't really see or hear much from Argyle after this point of the trailer. Either he has a remarkably 'small' role to play for the movie... or he died prior to the events of what happens later in the movie. Yet if all things considered, he serves as the driving element to inspire Sunny to spread the word of friendship among ponies and insist they can all be friends again.

Remember... you are destined for greatness!

So we flash forward to several years later when Sunny is approximately close to a teenager (Maybe early twenties, I don't know). We see she's doing just fine: Skating through town, dragging a cart through town (Rumor has it she's a smoothie salespony), but just from one little scene alone... it is evident she might be a bit of an outsider in town. But with these photos it would be hard to see how unhappy she seems...

Little town, it's a quiet village... everyday like the one before...

Little town, full of little ponies... waking up... to... say...

All right, all right... GEEZ!!! *Clears throat* Suddenly, trouble ensues when a terrible monster strolls into the sleepy little town of Maretime Bay. A creature so fierce and terrifying, that words can barely describe it...


*Takes note* Don't forget to include a 'Best Pony' reference here...

In a hilarious turn of events, the minute they see a Unicorn every pony is screaming... their hollering... jumping into the water... diving into sewers (Don't do that)... and here I am sitting in my chair just thinking to myself, 'What the buck did the unicorns 'do' to these ponies?'. Course to Izzy, she's just strolling through town, attempting to make new friends, and she sees all these wacky ponies freaking out like a game. Course as the movie confirms, even if she is a unicorn... she can't use her magic and it's as much for show as it is for Lady Amalthea...

And what's wrong about not using my magic often?

... Nothing...

Anyways, realizing that the unicorns 'did' had magic but suddenly disappeared for no rational reason (And arguably making Bridlewood sound boring and drawl) Sunny decides to join with her new friend to embark on a 'Great and Powerful'...

Were you about to mention me?

No Trixie...

Human scum...

*Pause* Anyways... they embark on a noble quest to find a way to restore the magic in Equestria, especially the Unicorns. And she and all her friends will head for 'Zephyr Heights' to seek help from the Pegasi to aid in their plight.

Like NO WAY ma'am, I'm not going over there...

Well... almost every pony. Anyways, it apparently takes the pair many days and nights to get to the Pegasus City even though Izzy herself insists that they are 'bad news'. C'mon, I wouldn't say they're all 'that' bad...

Ooh... these are the G5 ponies and most of them are jerks... right...

Luckily for them, they find help in some friendly faces in which we shall see these ponies team with the Two Royal Sisters themselves...

And how may we be of service today?

No, not those sisters... I mean 'these' sisters... the rebellious Zipp...

Steven Spielberg 'loves' this shot...

And the 'Princess of Pop' herself... Pipp...

Hey, hey my pony peeps! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share! Hugs and kisses! :heart:

And of course, which will probably happen eventually, even that 'Hitch' guy will be tagging along with group to aid in their mission to unite pony-kind. Or as some fans have been calling him... the new 'Spike'.

The hero of Maretime Bay every pony...

All joking side... the trailer is utterly hysterical. It's colorful, the characters have their moments, tons of memes are abundant with some of the film's lines, and we get to at least know some of our new cast and what they have to offer. Even the characters whose personalities we knew very little of. From a brief appearance of Deputy Sprout...

I'm not screaming for help... that's my war cry! Totally what it is...

The self-absorbed camera-loving Queen Haven...

That's twenty bucks for a photo, kids...

And even the Alphabittle guy who I swear seems more like the fun-uncle guy whom I'm assuming shares a connection with Izzy... suddenly he doesn't sound as bad as I thought he'd be.

Big talk from a man who hides his face behind a screen.

I'm going to ignore that comment... *Clears throat* Anyways, that about wraps up what we know going forward...

Hey how come you didn't say anything about me?!?!?!

Sorry Phyllis but you were barely even 'in' the movie... you're lucky your own building does the work for you. *Clears throat* All and all, I have a good feeling about this movie come it's official release come Sept 24. True it'll be a Netflix release, but be sure to mark those calendars. For all we know, I can sense a 'ton' of watch parties to come from fans both old and new alike. A movie that is bound to inspire hope for viewers living in troubled times. Inspire creativity against the norm and reminding us to always share kindness in the heat of adversity. To have confidence and courage that despite what all the doubters have to say, friendship is 'still' everyone's nature...

C'mon, it's totally a coincidence they're meant to come together!

But still the BIG question remains: What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience (I mean I literally have 70 followers, whom I'm sure have one or two things to say).

Until then faithful viewers, this is the Dramamaster829... signing off!

Comments ( 13 )

I think the movie's going to be awesome! Or at the very least funny...war cry...pfft...

For all we know, this movie could be 'awesomely' funny!

Yeah... I can totally picture Sprout saying something like that.

Yeah! Hitch's scene was also something Spike would do, grabbing a kid and giving it to a random pony...I can see why people are calling him a new Spike

That scene totally reminds me of the 'Powerpuff Girls' movie when they were first saving Townsville from a swarm of evil monkeys and they rescue some kid and give it to a frantic woman who's like,

'This isn't my baby!!!'.

Yeah... this is totally Hitch. Dutiful to his duties as sheriff... but not so much in the 'attic'.

The trailer didnt reveal or hint at much. Alot of the details we already knew beforehand, so I was disapointed in that regard. However, I liked finally watching the characters in motion and im surprised how well the voice cast did. They actually choose the perfect VAs for this film.

Based on the background and colors I got alot of gen 3 vibes, mixed with gen 4. It didnt feel crazy modern like I feared, and Zephyr Highs reminded me alot of the undersea kingdom from Barbie in a mermaid tale, a mixture of fantasy and modern, but the fantasy was toned down this time, no doubt to showcase the lack of magic. But it wasnt excesive.

Maretime Bay looks like a lovely town, and living by the bay gives it an open air atmosphere which I love. I liked the crystal and more art neuvou style of Briddlewood forest, though I felt bad for the sad unicorns. 🥺

Zephyr Heights?.... HOLLY MOTHER OF CELESTIA DOES IT LOOK AWESOME!!!! I had to snap a picture just to take in everything.

I noticed each pony location has a different theme going. Maretime Bay is sunny and bright, but simple and down to earth. Briddlewood is pretty but gloomy. Meanwhile Zephyr Heights has a more angular and sharp aesthetic and looks more modern and almost futuristic. Id love to hear the stort behinf these choices.

There is alot to unpack background wise, so Im excited to learn how Equedtria became the way it is. My biggest concern is how they are going to make tjis movie fit intl the Gen 4 universe when there are alot of things to consider. Like the alicorns and Discord

Hopefully they are keeping the really important stuff a secret so we xan be surprised.

I think the idea of deciding not to reveal 'too much' was done intentionally so this way we have no idea 'why' the world is as it is. Apart from what we already know going into the project, it's been established that at some point when the friendship between the three races was cut off everything pretty much disappeared (Including the magic). At the very least, we are given a glimpse as to the three different parts of the New Equestria we've heard about in terms of its themes, the type of ponies residing, and their living space according to their structure.

As far as how they intend to fit this movie with the Gen 4 universe is to bear in mind that the Equestria we know is long gone. They may reference bits from the past series, to at least establish a different time when things were slightly simple. But if the magic has truly disappeared and it seems 'all' of Twilight's lessons have been completely forgotten, then what did become of all the characters we know? Did the alicorns suddenly vanish too? And why didn't Discord do anything? Tons of questions.

Hopefully as more and more information is introduced, at least till the movie 'does' appear, maybe things will 'slightly' make sense. And maybe they're keeping all the 'unrevealed' portions as a surprise for the final release.

I have no words expect.....*inhales*...........YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! XD:pinkiehappy:

Oh yes. The moment we were all waiting for has come. And inspired by the words of Dwayne Johnson,
“Finally!!! My Little Pony has come... home!!!”

and we have our Loona for the dayI didn't ask this before but are Celestia/Luna(or rather Twilight) gonna be mentioned in this or no?

That is a very interesting question. If the father is going to relay the story of Equestria’s history when all three pony nations were together he’s bound to bring up the alicorns (Specifically Twilight Sparkle). Sunny does carry with her this book in some scenes which folks claim to be one of Twilight’s journals from seasons ago. So it is possible, if not probable, she will get a mention. Maybe Celestia and Luna. We shall see my good friend.

Sorry for a late response.

The movie is really interesting.

It's ironically that Unicorns are treated with high regards in Friendship is Magic and yet, in this movie, they are considered to be lowest since they seems more sad and gloomy compare to Earth Ponies and Pegasis while Pegasis in this movie are treated with high regards since Queen Haven, Pipp and Zipp are royalty folks.

If "Zephyr Heights used to be Canterlot" theory is true, well I wonder how did Pegasis took the city from unicorns?

If so, How the mighty has fallen. (Poor unicorns)

You do make a rather interesting point. Thousands of years prior to the events of the movie, it was the Unicorns who were the highly regarded species in Equestria. The Alicorns in general were looked up to in Equestria as Gods, given they were essentially three ponies as one. But somehow, if where the area known as Zephyr Heights matches that of what used to be Camelot, somewhere down the line the Pegasus had managed to take over the kingdom and since then the Unicorns fell down to obscurity. And to add insult to injury, without the magic, the unicorns are pretty much just little horses with fancy horns (And just as well without the magic, the Pegasus ponies lose the ability to fly).

I'm not sure if 'all' the questions will be answered in the movie. But there is a follow-up series set to emerge after the movie and maybe we'll learn more of the new Equestria's history by then.

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