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Hi, my name is Heroic412227, but you can call me Heroic. I'm still learning how to be the best writer I can be.

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I'm afraid for Fimfiction's future. · 12:40am August 10th

Do you think that once G5 arrives, Fimfiction will be over? Sorry for bringing that up, but I'm afraid of that happening since I love Fimfiction and don't want it to go away anytime soon. Though, at the same time, I know that very few, if not nothing, lasts forever. Sorry for being rude, though. I'm just afraid of what might happen to Fimfiction for not just me, but for others as well. What do you think?

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What makes you think that? G5 is still part of MLP and people already wrote stories about Gen 5's characters.

Sorry. It's just that I thought that since Generation 4 is tied to Fimfiction and the next generation is almost here, I think, that Fimfiction might have no reason to exist without it. Again, sorry for saying that.

Not in the slightest. People are going to keep writing G4-centric fics here no matter what happens with G5, and the site is going to add tags for G5 fanfics once that comes out, so all of those stories will be published here too regardless.

Rest assured, this site ain't leaving just because of G5; if anything, I'd call its arrival more of a new beginning than an end.

Oh. Well, thanks.

The site isn't going anywhere. Nothing to worry about👍

They'll create the new tags and maybe a new logo.

G5 may bring in new fans. So, I don't see the big issue.

I don't really think you should be. If it does, you just have to migrate to a new community. If not, nothing changes.

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