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Here we go again! · 12:29am July 22nd

My latest completed commission: Nyx!

No, not that Nyx. Alicorn Nyx.
...Shoot, they're both alicorns? Well, this is gonna get confusing...


Made with purple, cardinal, royal blue, and custom gradients.
The most interesting / challenging thing about making this one was the star in her front left leg. 100% hand-stitched, you know. Can't really get in and do that kind of thing with a machine. But I've done worse things, and if you're going to do a project like this, it's doing those details right that really makes it.

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oh my god its brutallight sparcake,one of theinvertedshadows eoi's

That's amazing work, she's beautiful! Well done. :raritystarry:

I see that the ponesmithing continues to go well for you; nice. :)

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