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Super Trampoline

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Tiny Prancer · 3:19am July 18th

I don't remember who's blog post it was mentioned on, but once the idea of "Tiny Prancer" entered my head, it was bound to stay there until I did something with it. Which I finally did in about an hour this evening. I swear my pony originals take forever to write, but my parodies I always bang out in an hour or two. Now to record it and maybe finally get my own spotlight post on EQD, which shouldn't be too hard since I've been working on learning the original off and on for months now on both piano and ukulele. Anyway, without further ado, I present:

Tiny Prancer

Music: Elton John
Lyrics: Super Trampoline (Bryan Chandler) based on Bernie Taupin

Verse 1
Tall and stately, lanky lady
Magic sparkles in her eyes
Equestrians all call her their friend
But I’m the one she calls her guy.

Princess Twilight, magenta highlights
On her flowing, sapphire hair
O’er our country, my little pony
Rules with love and grace to spare

Verse 2
Flim and Flam: their latest scam?
Selling bootleg gala passes
She rolls her eyes, as AJ sighs
When will they stop cheating the masses?

Beaurocrating, her mane is matting
But she loves running the world
With delegation, she rules our nation
Then flies to me with wings unfurled

And when the bills pile high
And all her friends have said goodbye
Overwhelmed, she snuggles with me
A gentle whinny, as I say, Twily...

Chorus (x2)
Hold me closer, Tiny Prancer
Count the ponies in the skyway
Lay me down in fields of barley
You’re such a busy mare, today.

Rest of Song:
Verse 1, PreChorus, Chorus x2

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pft, not even 'Tony Danza'

Count the head lice on the highway!

Good luck!

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