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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Saturday
    Anyone make maps for Age of Empires 2?

    Any of my followers make maps for Age of Empires 2? I made a Middle East Diplomacy map recently. Can be found under mods on https://www.ageofempires.com/

    I do more than just writing about pony butts.

    My map.

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  • Thursday
    Ideas for new stories?

    Any stories you wish me to write? Have a request? Or simply want to share some ideas with me.

    You can PM me. Or contact me by My Discord: Bendy#6695

    No charge. But note, there is no guarantee I will make it.

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  • Tuesday
    What would Twilight think of this song?

    Would it speak to her? I'm Reading a Book, by Julian Smith.

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  • 1 week
    Age of Empires IV

    Anyone of my followers looking forward to Age of Empires 4? I might mostly play as the The Delhi Sultanate due to their elephant units. I like big things. Since you seen all my big pony stories.

    Me, I playing Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition, and the HD version.

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  • 1 week
    G5 Equestria Girls

    I wonder if they'll do Equestria Girls again for Generation 5, but this time it's in the far future. Alien, space ships, and whatever. Something like a Futurama theme.

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Which pony would you like to give a pet? · 5:16pm June 21st

As in petting them with your hand.

A perfect example. By irisarco on derpibooru. Link: https://derpibooru.org/images/2639768?q=artist%3Airisarco

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Comments ( 23 )

Sure. I'd pet her too.

While I love to pet Princess Celestia, I have a strong feeling I would want to give Rainbow Dash a pet first.

Fluttershy, she's just so adorable and sweet. But a close second would be Twilight.

Personally, I would love to pet Twilight Sparkle over Fluttershy. I love to see that cute nerdy pony being happy.

At least at first. I would of course pet Fluttershy too.


It's my headcannon that pony physiology is highly conductive of high frequency petting. So pet them often, pet them all! Seriously, I would wake up every morning in whatever town or city I would be at and give (consensual) petting to everypony. Then I would move to the next place, and repeat the process, ad eternum.

Princess Luna for sure! I'd love to find out what her mane feels like.

I dunno. They're sapient, so who would have enough sense of decorum to make it not weird? Maybe Princess Celestia, before she stepped down?

Oh there are so many to pick but it would be Celestia. If not her it would be Moondancer

The only correct answer.

Fluttershy, I think she'd enjoy it the most

And feed her a muffin at the same time?

She's pretty cute. But I'd pet Rainbow Dash first.

That sounds like a good idea for a story. A human's one-man mission to pet everypony.

I too would love to know that.

Oh, don't ruin the fun. I'm pretty sure they would love being petted.

I would love to feel what Celestia's mane would be like. As for Moondancer, she looks like she needs a good petting.

I'm starting to think so too.

Applejack, she be mighty cute getting a pet. With her southern accent.

You may need to earn her friendship first before petting her.

Right on. I think I would pet her first before everypony else.


Luna would get petting, hugs and everything else.

gotta pet theem all!


Shining Armor because stallions need love too :ajsmug::

"Hey, stop scratching me! I'm not g-geee--!"

*scratching behind the ear with a smug grin* "... so, you want me to stop?"

"N-no... *blush* But no word to Cadance about this!"

If Cadance would walk in on us, it would be fun to listen to Shining trying to explain it :trollestia:

She would demand pets too as punishment for him. XD



And I would be like:

"NO! No pets for you, Princess :trixieshiftleft:!"

That would end up well, I'm sure :rainbowdetermined2:

Strangely Applejack. Nice soft fur against a firm, muscly body.

She would feel nice. Hearing her southern voice would also be pretty sweet.

If she's canon version (canon-like anyway) she mostly be upset with you. However, if she's out of character fan fiction version, you are in for hell.



Well, if she were normal Cadance, the moment she tried to break me with her sad or angry stare, I would perform this:


She would stand no chance :trollestia:

But... if she were 'Cadanatrix'... it could get ugly (or not - depending on how you look at it :rainbowdetermined2:).

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