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  • 6 weeks
    Don't you just hate it...

    When you can't find something when you need to?

    Case in point, I went looking for a comment where they alluded to It being like Frodo saving the Shire for everyone but himself and had to sail to another land to find solace.

    But I can't remember what fic or anything else.

    And it's frustrating to me.

    Meanwhile, in other news...

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  • 9 weeks
    For those wondering....

    I am working on Truth.

    “What are you doing here?” Sunset stammered as she gazed at her father. Emotions swirled inside of her, a maelstrom of feelings. Confusion, certainly. Some anger, long-simmered and cooled into bitterness. A bit of joy, but just a tiny bit.

    Mostly confusion though.

    Red rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s a long story,” he hedged.

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  • 9 weeks
    About Bomb fics.

    And I'm not talking about ones dealing with explosives.

    Several years ago, my colleague and friend Monochromatic launched what was to be the first ever RariTwi bomb. And the success was phenomenal with more than 35 stories that entered. You can find the full list HERE.

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  • 14 weeks
    Azure Foalklore

    So I was going through some old papers and found the very rough draft of Azure's character sheet from the D&D game that she was created for.

    Having an account on D&D Beyond made the updating easy. Since the Ponyfinder ruleset wasn't an option, I just built her as human. All other stats and such are accurate though.


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  • 15 weeks

    I feel like over the course of writing Trials, you have seen a tiny bit of the evolution of my writing. If you’ve read since the origin story, Homecoming, the. You ahem certainly seen the change of my writing. I know I have when I check back for threads to tie off.

    I’m looking at you, Sonata.

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EFNW 2021, Writing news, and other things. · 8:46am Jun 7th, 2021

In case you haven’t heard, it’s on for this year. Blackwater and I finished making our arrangements earlier tonight (last night? It’s after midnight for me but I haven’t slept yet...) and we’re kind of locked in. I’ll be wearing a Rose Quill shirt one of the days we’re there and perhaps some other clothing articles other days if I feel sociable. We’ll see how it goes.

In writing related news, since the last time I was here I have mostly finished the next chapter of Trials, and there is a distinct lack of spiders in this chapter, much to many’s relief. Stay tuned to the end of this blog for a sneak peak.

I also have to report that work is a thing and I am apparently silly for taking a management position as it seriously cuts into the time i have to write and play VNs with the wife. Otoboku doesn’t play itself, after all.

Who’d a thunk I’d play romantic/eroge considering the pure material I write.

Sit down, Sunset.

Ah, man!

Also just got the first proofs of the main two characters in a Light Novel I’m working on as well. If you don’t know what a light novel is, it’s essentially a short work of fiction that also contains artwork inside. I know that’s a broad term, but it’s also a broad genre. SAO, Arifureta, and Rising of the Shield Hero all started out as Light Novels, as have things like Reincarnated as a Slime and Vampire Hunter D. It’s primarily a Japanese trend to my knowledge, but there are several good oringinal English LN authors, including a friend of mine by name of Brandon Varnell. He’s on most ebook platforms and I recommend his American Kitsune series and the Catgirl Doctor series if you’re into harem comedy and Journey of a Betrayed Hero if you don’t. Seriously, check out his stuff.

I may post a preview of the story at some point as I have been pulling nothings that I used in some of my one shots on here into the story as well.

So, in short, lots of things coming along.

Also, happy Pride month 2021!

Just then, a shape dove over the edge of the cliff, it’s ivory coat slowly being covered in azure flames, landing on the Wyvern and spinning in a circle.

The mysterious being’s steps left a ring of flames dancing along the back of the giant reptile, and it was not happy. It screamed and dropped down to roll onto its back, but the flames just continued to burn.

The mystery being strode forward, and it seemed as though she were made entirely of arcane flames.

“A Kirin,” I heard Twilight breathe.

“Howdy!” A cheery voice came from the frightening face of the... Kirin?

The flames died, revealing the smiling face beneath a curly mane. “Names Autumn!”

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See you at EFNW!

Glad you are doing well.

Good to see lots of authors will be there!

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