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I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to keep up with them.

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Yay, Supernova Daybreak got a reading! · 11:38pm May 25th, 2021

I've probably reread the story over 100 times, but it's just not the same as if an actual reader reads it aloud. Hearing somepony read it is the only time when the writing process isn't lonely. Perhaps this reading can keep you company as well.

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Tis ihs a nicevreading. After allof th ese years, I doo not get hoow the Suncan just spontaneously explod oe,r how the orlWd can survive, but then horses moving the Sun and Moon do ot make sens4 either, so I just put it don to magic.

5538133 You do know that suns explode, right? Our own sun will turn Earth into a ball of molten lava.

Do you know about Mercury, the planet closest to the sun? It faces the sun all year long. Its surface is scorching hot. But there's another side of the planet where it's always dark. Where eternal night reigns supreme. Maybe that's where Equestria resides.


Sol will not explode. It will evolve into a subgiant and then red giant over hundred of millions of years, in about 5*10^9 year from now.

Mercury has a 3:2 resonance with the Sun (3 rotations for every 2 revolutions). That means that it has 2 tropical days per tropical year. Mercury is an ellipsoid with 3 distinct axes and has a very elliptical orbit. Its long axis always points straight at Sol at closest approach, but the hemispheres alternate (like England at 0 longitude facing the Sun at 1 close approach, but longitude 180 in the Pacific Ocean facing Sol the next closest approach).

I always imagined that the Sun and Moon are small magically suspended objects the size of Phobos and Deimos. I figure the the Sun glows magically. I figure that in your story, the Sun magically malfunctioned.

5538161 Indeed, our sun will not explode, but some suns do explode.

And even so, despite our sun not exploding, it will turn Earth into an inferno.


It will not be instantaneous. I like the model of Fallout Equestria:

The Sun and Moon re a2 closely orbiting magical objects, in a magical track. After the exchange of MegaSpesll killed off 90% of the populations of Equestria and Zebraica, and the nuclear winter and the fallout of magical, nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons kiled olver half the population of the other nations, the Sun and Moon went ferral, without the Princesses to guide them, moving raetically , sometimes backwards in the sky, with periods of revolution from hours to days.

5538313 The sun and moon being magical orbs would make more sense. However, nothing to that effect was ever expressed in the show.

In FoE, the whole hatred from Zebras felt a bit forced to me. Like, they destroyed the whole Equestria just because they didn't particularly like one pony.


One mu remember that the hatred, along with everything else, escalated over a generation. After 25 years, Zebraica was in a situation like Germany in winter 1945. Defeat was inevitable in months. Some generals figured that MegaSpells could Destroy Equestria, and its ability to retaliate, thus snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Other generals believed that Equestria would be able to retaliate with its MegaSppels, thus leading too Mutually Assured Destructnio; us tthhe only sensible course is surrender. The Khan chose the Nuclear Option, thus destroying both Zebraca andEq uestria. All of this started a generation ago over a minor dispute over a shipment of coal.

5538660 Why did both sides have MegaSpells? Are we to believe that they just happened to develop them at the same time without any interaction whatsoever?

And I'm still not buying the hatred between ponies and zebras. All that was mentioned in Fallout: Equestria was that zebras didn't think Luna is best pony. That's it. And then there were some misunderstandings because zebras were somehow unable to speak to ponies or something.

The length of the book was epic. Writing impeccable. But the subplots leave a bit to be desired. Many things don't flow naturally.


The Ministry of Kindness under Fluttershy developed MegaSpells as a way of dispersing healthing spells over an whole battlefield. The Ministry of Awesome under Rainbow Dash weaponized them. Fluttershy wanted the Zebras to be able to health their wounded by the millions too, so illegally smuggled the information needed to the Zebras. The Zebras independently figured out how to weaponize megaspells. The Zebras and the Ministry of Awesome weaponized megaspells with in a week of each other. That was over a 4cade into the war, but still over decade before the final megaspellexchange, which too less than an hour and destroyed both Zebraica and Equestria.

Equestria believed that it paid for a shipment of coal. Zebraic believed that payment was still pending. Equestria tried to seize the coal. both ponies and Zebras died in the botched raid to capture the coal. That was the inciting incident of the war.

5539083 I remember Fluttershy's betrail now.

I still don't remember that coal thingy. I thought the war started when Zebras killed a school full of foals because the school shot at them because apparently, that's what schools do.


The incident with the School of Luna escalated the war:

Both sides igufred that one could e thend war by resolvign ifferences. In the meantime, some zebras no longer felt welcome in Equestria. The startedto leave. Their caravan was near the school. tensions were high. Somehow, shooting got started (probably just a mistake). Srveral hundred zebra-refugees and pony-foals died. Word rapidly spread in Zebraica about the massacre of zebra-refugees and word spread in Equestria about the zebras murdering Equestrian pony-foals. The war rapidly escalated as both sides wanted to avenge those massacred.

5539212 I still don't get why the tensions between zebras and ponies were high in the first place.


It escalated:

It started with some ponies and zebras dying in a dispute over a cargo of coal. The ponies claimed that they paid for the coal, but the zebras said that they did not pay. The ponies tried to seize the coal (The ponies started hostilities). A few ponies and zebras died. The relatives of the deceased demanded blood. With each death the conflict escalated. By the end of the 1st year, nearly a million ponies and zebras fought each other. By the end of the 1st decade each side, individually, fielded over 10 million soldiers, with each nation having a workforce of over 100 million working directly in warindustries.. The war took on a terrible life of its own.

The war lasted 25 years, ending in an exchange of megaspells taking less than an hour, but killing over 90% of the populations of Zebraica and Equestria in that terrible hour, with the nuclear winter and fallout of chemical, magical, biological, and nuclear weapons killing over half the population of the other nations of the world within an year.

5539704 I hear what you're saying, but the explanation in the story is that zebras didn't like Luna. So which was it:
a) Zebras didn't get any coal for Christmas
b) Luna isn't best pony


Well now, you get into religion.

The inciting incident was over a shipful of coal.

The Zebras worship the Sun, and thus like Celestia. The remember how NightMareMoon nearly killed the World, so distrust Luna.

For the 1st decade of the war, Celestia was in charge, but the war escalated anyway. After that, Luna took over, hoping that a change in leadership would end the war (it did not). Maybe, if Celestia would have remained in charge, the Ponies and Zebras would have made peace the 2nd Decade of the War, but we shall never know.


Luna took over, hoping that a change in leadership would end the war

Didn't she know Zebras hate her for some reason?


Yes, but the love of Celestia did not help, so maybe fear would work. Nothing worked. Maybe, the ponies should have let a court in a neutral country settle the dispute, instead of seizing the coal.

5540719 Luna should have just surrendered to Zebras, then the war could have been avoided. I doubt Zebras would destroy the world just because of some coal.

You can reason for it, of course, but it sounds as convincing to me as Starlight Glimmer's backstory.

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