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Should I do this? · 10:40pm January 28th

So first off, I am a little bit surprised that my recent story, Which Head is Which? didn't seem to recieve as much attention as it usual does. To be specific, some of the returning commenters didn't... well... return. I'm not sure if it had something to do with the timing of the story being posted or what, but here is a quick promotion of that story.

TWhich Head is Which?
Returning home from a long trip, you're surprised to stumble upon your friends, Flash Gloom and Gash Bloom. Upon meeting the two dullahan twins, they invite you to play a fun little game in the Weeping Willows theme park. So who is who?
Robipony · 7.7k words  ·  34  3 · 418 views

Please give it a look and tell me what you think. :twilightsmile:

Now for the main topic of this blog. This has been a thought that has come to mind and I just thought I would throw it out there and see what you all think.

As some of you might know in the past I had a youtube channel (technically I still do, I just don't hardly post anything on there anymore) where I would do audio readings of a few stories that picked my fancy (granted back then most of them were of the dark genre but anyway). Below is an example of my old work (that isn't too dark) involving Gorgonies:

Recently a thought has occurred to me and I thought I might mention it. What if I created a new channel that was directed more toward Monster Mares.

Admittedly, I was also tempted to make it exclusively Monster Mares and You stories, but I'm not too sure. Partially because I'm not sure that I want to be the one to butcher all the female voices for my characters. :twilightsheepish:

Now I'm not saying that I will do this as it mostly depends upon how well this concept is received. Recently Scribbler ran some auditions for a series she will be doing next October and after auditioning for a few of the roles, I had to admit it was kind of fun doing a little bit of voice acting.

So please tell me what you think? :pinkiesmile:

Comments ( 4 )

Not all stories are gonna be successful

Admittedly, I was also tempted to make it exclusively Monster Mares and You stories, but I'm not too sure.

You can't do wrong.

I'll give you an example. I did a video where I just let the computer voice read the story.

and I got 100% upvotes vs 0% downvotes on it.

As long as you can read better than a computer, you should be fine.

Maybe the site’s just losing users? As for the YT thing, why not use the old channel? Just sort your vids into playlists, it ain’t that hard.

Sorry, I honestly haven't gotten around to reading it yet; I may not have seen it on my feed at the time of publishing. I've been distracted by other things lately, so I have a LOT of reading to get to. I'll be sure to leave my thoughts once I do get around to reading it.

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