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Happy New Year! · 5:00am Jan 1st, 2021

And so the year finally ends. I've watched its final seconds tick away with a kind of grim satisfaction. This year has been just plain awful around the world and we've all lost something to it. In my case, it was my cat Puck. Watching 2020 end, watching the clock run out, has been a kind of catharsis. Not as good as getting Puck back, but...well, something.

Goodbye, 2020. Good riddance. May the door hit you on the way out. Hard.

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This September we lost Jack, the dog we had for over ten years, gotten as a puppy to help my little brother through his terminal cancer. Losing him was like losing another link to him and it hurt BAD, so I feel for you and Puck. Let's close the book on 2020 and slam it shut HARD.

Happy New Year.

I also want to say that collaborating with you and the others on the Student Season was one of the few creative things I've been able to move forward on this year, so thanks so much for that and for your other wonderful stories.

Dear lord it's finally over!

As glad as I am to put this awful year behind me, I'm not sure if I actually lost anything... aside from some portion of my sanity maybe. Trite as it might sound, It's rough being a shy extrovert when simple act of going out to sit in the corner of a restaurant and be vicariously social isn't an option anymore.

I suppose I ended a friendship with someone I'd known since high school, but we'd been drifting apart for years, so that was actually more of a relief.

Mostly I should just count myself lucky. My self and my family have pretty much all weathered this storm largely unscathed. I think I had one cousin who got sick, but he recovered without complications.

Condolences to all the rest of you who've had it so much worse than me.

2020 was the absolute pits, and honestly 2019 was no picnic either. A part of me knows I shouldn't complain, given that there's always a way for things to be worse, and at least one of the things still weighing my soul down is ultimately something inconsequential in the grander scheme of life, but... yeah, just hoping for better in 2021. Hoping to get out of my mental funk, finish some things I've been needing to finish, and open up the door to some more positive things.

At any rate, thanks, RDD, for being a friend all these years. Here's to more, better years down the road.

Happy new year to you, too! :pinkiesmile:

Happy/Hopeful New Year!

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