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Merry Christmas and another year. · 3:41pm Dec 25th, 2020

So hi.

I noticed I haven't been super active since August, and I want to say that's because of work, but it's most likely because I ran out of my antianxiety medication. This was because it's trapped in the Walgreens system due to the prescription being sent to a central delivery center where it's apparently almost impossible to use the automated system to get your prescription out, so I've been seeing how I cope without taking it.

Judging by my output and a health scare which was most likely an anxiety attack due to the EKG and the blood tests coming back clean as a whistle, I dug around and found a month's supply of my antianxiety meds in my stuff (don't ask), took my first new dose yesterday, and I guess I also have depression because the colors are more colorful, for lack of a better analogy and I just feel... better, I guess. Also I'm not constantly seeing my imminent death around every corner which the remnants of my anxiety tell me is the perfect time for an untimely accident to strike.

But I'm just like whatever now. Stronger forces than my misfiring mind have tried to take me out.

Here's to hopefully a more active year of Majin Syeekoh, as well as twelve potatoes.

Twelve. Count 'em.

My next step is calling Walgreens and talking to a human. Those guys can get stuff done.

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My next step is calling Walgreens and talking to a human. Those guys can get stuff done.

Guess I'm not human than, since I haven't done much or felt like doing much. But that's probably just due to 2020 in general being just a really bad high.

To a new year, and a new year of "Goddamn it, Majin!"

Author Interviewer

Oh man, what are you taking, because I could probably use some of that. c.c Also yeah, apparently antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds cross borders a lot, from what I've been told.

Hey wait... I see thirteen potatoes! D:


Here's to a dozen potatoes worth of progress in the new year, if not more!

Goddamit, Majon Syeekoh, everyone!

Stay safe, man.

You got this.

13 potatoes. I counted them cause you told me to.

Majin Syeekoh



Thanks guys. I hope there’s more goddammit for years to come!

It’s paxil, generic name paroxetine. does wonders for my mood. And—




The picture file even said 12 potatoes when I searched 12 potatoes on google. The 13th one must have snuck in when I wasn’t looking,

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