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im not the best writer but I'm proud of every story I make some more then others tho Also I would love to do crossover's they are so much fun

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  • 88 weeks

    I'm sorry for the lack of updates but I been struggling with severe writer's block and I can't seem to break free of it. I can get little burst of inspiration here and there but nothing that truley gets me out of the rut. I hate this feeling and it sucks


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    good news bad news

    The good news that I am writing again but it is slow going and it will take time for me to get everything were I want it story wise before any story updates happen.

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  • 127 weeks
    Terrible news

    So i just got a phone call that i been dreading. My grandpa is dead so this maybe the straw that breaks the cammels back for writing for me personally

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    I'm sorry for the lack of updates on my stories but things in my life have been stressful. What with the beer virus, and the recent divorce of my parents caused by my dad cheating on my mom and the fall out that happened with that whole mess. I just haven't had the time Nor energy to write. I don't plan on quitting but I will be on writing hiatus for a while until things in my life cool off. I am

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    Random dream

    So I had this dream were ratatosker (Norse squirrel god) and janus (romen god of portals and transitions) went to Equastria to have tea with Abraham Hamster.

    I dunno why I'm posting this but I felt like I had to

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Terrible news · 10:36am Dec 23rd, 2020

So i just got a phone call that i been dreading. My grandpa is dead so this maybe the straw that breaks the cammels back for writing for me personally

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One question
Was your grandpa a Christian?

Are you a Christian?

Because, if you’re also a Christian, then you’re going to see him again

I wish you would still write. You have some real potential but I understand if you don't want to continue. My condolences on your grandfather passing away.

I'm sorry to hear about this friend. I do hope that you'll be okay.

I’m so sorry for your loss. You have my most heartfelt sympathies



Thanls it means a lot to me

I know how you feel. My great grandmother passed away on Valentines day a few years ago, and she was kinda the reason I started writing. My condolences.

I'm sorry for your loss, I lost two Grandparents with one being a step grandparent that I remember during the previous decades

So sorry to hear that, man.

Sorry to hear that man. The anniversary of my grandad's death just happened recently, so I know what it's like to lose a close family member. :fluttershysad:

I'm sorry for your loss.




I appreciate you all and im sorry for the ones you lost

Thanks, though I never was around them often thanks to distances.

I know how you feel in this moment, and you have my deepest condolences, may he rest in peace

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