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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Sunday
    The attacks on anime are ridiculous

    I am sorry about this blog, but anime as in japanese cartoons made in japan are under attack by western moral puritans, because it doesn't adhere to their moral standards. This strikes me as a very imperialistic mindset, not everyone has to adhere to our values.

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  • 5 weeks
    Help for Ravvij

    Ravvij, a good old friend of mine from the Barcast needs help. He is in financial jeopardy. I am going to provide a link to Flutterpriest's blog. since he can speak on the matter far more adequately than I ever could.

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  • 9 weeks
    Twilight's Big Book Loving

    A new Twibutt story, hope you enjoy. Has the usual Bendy flare. I made it alongside: FanOFAges.

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  • 13 weeks
    New story: Sudden Principled Prude

    Made a new story to mock boring prudes who would ruin this site. Clopfics literally keeps this site alive.

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  • 13 weeks
    Mature Content Keeps This Site Alive

    Never bend the knee to boring prudes who want everything clean on this site. M-Rated stories literally keeps this site alive. You know what I like to do after having a hard day's work? Go read a human x pony story. I often re-read many of my favorite clopfics over and over, and again.

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Gay Clopfic Ideas? · 12:41am Dec 1st, 2020

This could be an interesting idea for me to do. A straight man writing a gay clopfic.

So, got any gay clopfic ideas?

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Comments ( 5 )

Anon has a big fat booty, the mares are all after him but he just want to bounce on big mac’s lap? I feel it might be a little too generic though.

Anon finds a strange tunnel and it’s actually a giant penis?

Anon tries to seduce Cadance, fails, and then decides to dominate Shining Armor instead, in the style of that Perfect Cell vs Fleece Johnson video.

Anon is in an amazonian pony world (strength training-like). All the girls want to cuddle him, and he gets bothered by that. So he starts hanging out with the guys, mig mac, spike etc, but while they dont want to cuddle him, he feels inadequate around them.

then thorax starts joining the group. while still being stronger than anon, thorax as a bug is much weaker and less muscular than dragons and earth ponies. also hes kind of a whimp/pushover, so anon likes hanging out with him more.

then he evolves from a changeling into the changedling king. And in his new form hes much taller and muscular, at first "only" as buff as big mac, but as his body adapts, he gets more and more muscular and manly, till he becomes the most handsome adonis in the world.

at least physically, mentally hes still a dork, and is confused about his new role, and all the attention he gets from all the females. so he keeps asking anon for advice.
especially when its about his body changes, he ends up accidentally showing off his body. Like hes getting realy worried about accidentally stepping on things, cause his pecks are starting to blocking his view...

Make them fuck each other's butts.

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