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Fillies and Colts of Every Age wouldn’t you like to do an art Trade? · 5:28am Oct 11th, 2020


Tis' the season, the leaves are changing, the air is crisp and pumpkins and goodies are everywhere. The time for tricks and treats is soon to be upon us. Since giving treats is a big part of this time of year I thought it'd be fun to run a little event where anyone could give a treat to another and show off their best art tricks! Everyone is welcome as is any and all art levels are welcome to attend, HOWEVER if you sign up you must contribute a drawing/ piece of art to receive your treat!
You will be given a random person to work with as is listed in the rules below and it’s free to join of course. Just like any good sconce any medium is welcome!! To submit your request head on over to the Art For Fanfiction group to place a treat in the bowl and receive your request in return! Cheers!

Read the rules!
Fill out the sumission form (found at the end of the post)
Please tag me in your submission so I can see that you've completed your trade. Treat request deadline is 10/17/2020On 10/20/2020 you will recieve a PM with your assigned name! (Via random generator)
Final submission of your treat will be between the 11/13/2020 and 11/20/2020th!


  • No NSFW (this goes for requests and interpretations)
  • Keep your request simple! (See example request)
  • If you submit a request, you must also create a treat for the other trick or treaters!
  • Be kind and considerate to eachother, life's no fun without a good scare but lets keep it fun!
  • If something comes up and you cannot give your treat by the deadline, please let your assigned trick or treater and me know during the deadline that your treat will be coming soon!
  • If you don't receive your treat by the deadline, please let me know!

Submission Form

Character Name(s): You are allowed 1-2 characters per Treat! (Who ever stops at one am I right :raritywink:)
Reference(s) or Description: Please use links or a few sentences
What would you like?: Decsribe your desired treat!
Other: Any additional thoughts or details?

Example Request

Character Name(s): Broad Sword and Chitter
Reference(s) or Description:https://i.gyazo.com/3e6e637250562f6b49d322623b6a6169.png (Broad Sword is the stallion) and Chitter the albino Changling.
What would you like?: I'd love to see these two characters hanging out in a grave yard, full of pumpkins reflected by a full moon.
Other: The Poses are up to you and if you want you can draw Broad Sword in his werepony form! Thank you very much in advance :twilightsmile:

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just a little something semi relavent cause of the cover art of your little idea

Hey thank you for that! I may add it to the post on Art for Fanfiction :twilightsmile:

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