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I love traveling, delicious food, reading (especially fanfictions) drawing and healing others~ "So Others May Live"

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Updated Chitter Changling · 2:19pm Jun 28th, 2022

Chitter is a changling with a pigment defect similar to albinism, it caused his transformations to be imperfect which resulted in him being banished from his Hive. I was pretty thrilled with how this turned out and tried to incorporate more insect aspects in the design and tried to make it more believable as a creature. The scorpion tail is about as mobile as our finger and serves multiple purposes to include aiding scorpions dig out their dens. Since Changlings seemed to be burrowing insects I thought this would be a good adaptation and would aid Changlings in sneak attacks by allowing them to use their tails to strike from a distance and stab in the back.

He has fringes on his ears which send electromagnetic signals to him allowing him to detect heartbeats, scent/heat pits on his lip, a fringed insect like tongue which allows him to absorb emotions and make them digestable and his eyes allow him to see in the dark. Chitter found his purpose when he attempted to make pony food in an effort not to starve, he watched various pony families cook and restaurants in order to learn how. While cooking one day he attracted some nomadic ponies, he discovered that as the creatures ate his creations they produced Love for him to survive on. Now he loves to share his cooking with others despite his frightening appearance he is a true cinnamon roll.

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Very adorable oath, good work you dude there keep it up.

Thank you thank you :twilightsmile: will do

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