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UPDATE to Trauma Lane OC Ref. · 2:38am Nov 10th, 2022

:ajsmug: HOWDY!! Man, it has been a hot minute since I've posted on here :twilightsheepish: but it's always nice to come back. I just got settled down after moving to another country for my job thankfully this time it's a lot closer to home lol. But I want to apologize if I haven't been on and hope y'all are doing well. Any who, I have been drawing here and there and wanted to share some of my work here. If I get enough likes or people enjoying it, I may open commissions again as I have some time off ect.

This is an updated reference of my OC/Pony Sona Trauma Lane, and yes, I'm sticking with the Canis Equus (Were pony/Beast Pony) theme what can I say I dig Lycanthropes. She is based a bit on myself and has a similar job, she is a Medic for the bat pony soldiers who guard Hollow Shades. She primarily focuses on teaching Combat Life Saver skills to the other members of the guard so that they can treat others who are injured. She found she loves to teach and became a primary instructor of Trauma Lanes where her students learn how to treat injuries like they would in combat.

She lives in Hollow Shades and is the only Lycanthrope around (as far as she knows). I truly love this OC and hope you enjoy her updated creature design and look! I plan to post other pieces of my work on here later this week, Cheers

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