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I love traveling, delicious food, reading (especially fanfictions) drawing and healing others~ "So Others May Live"

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Art Display: DnD meets MLP Introducing: Hodge Podge owner of the Leaky Kettle Tavern!! · 2:51am Nov 10th, 2022

This is a BRAND-NEW OC I created I love how he turned out soooooo much and hope Ya'll love him too. His name is Hodge Podge, and he is the owner of the Leaky Kettle Tavern in Hollow Shades Lavender District. Hodge for short, he is a gentle stallion who is the child of two different breeds of bat ponies (mixed) thus his name. He is well known in the Hollow Shades community as a handy stallion, a kind pony, a fan of all things brews and good comfort food. Hodges special talent lies in fixing things be it a broken kettle, being a listening ear at the bar, or bringing a little solace to any creature needing a warm place to stay. The Leaky Kettle never runs dry, and Hodge often will accept items (broken things mostly) in trade for those who don't have enough coin for the stay or a hot meal. He will take the items and fix them up to use in the tavern or sell them to vendors after he fixes them to make enough money to run his safe haven in the darkness of Hollow Shades. Any creature who enters the door will never leave hungry. Feel free to visit The Leaky Kettle, where every creature is welcome and the broken can often find a home.

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