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Hurricane · 9:58pm Sep 17th, 2020


Got hit by a hurricane.

Power and internet's out but the house held up.

Really puts a damper on that resurgent writing drive eh.

Here's to hoping I can get back in soon.

Posted from my iPhone 7.

Report Goldenwing · 265 views · Story: Sunken Horizons ·
Comments ( 7 )

Hope everyone is ok out there and you get you power back ASAP! But for YOU, not just because of writing. Having no power sucks for MANY reasons.

The irony of posting a blog about a hurricane on a story that alot is set on or in water.
Posted from my Samsung Se

Really puts a damper on that resurgent writing drive eh.

Not quite so much as being dead or homeless though, glad you're alright.

good luck, hope you make it thru alright.

Shit you good fam

We all love a good author, but this might be taking Method Writing too far.

Yo, everything's alright there? Post an update.

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