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  • 157 weeks
    I will no longer take requests

    After thinking for a few days, I made a decision: I will permanently close requests. BUT, I still have to write a requested history (which i already do it. All that's left for me is to correct the possible errors).

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    Something I've been thinking about just now

    Hi guys, do you remember the story where Celestia is conflicted between enjoying her retirement in Manehattan alone or if she should return to live in Canterlot with Luna, and the other story that after Luna and Twilight have returned to Canterlot, Celestia tries to find love to stay with her in her retirement?

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  • 195 weeks
    So, about my recent history ...

    My recent story that I published received, shall we say ... negative reaction. I was thinking about deleting it, but I don't know if I should do it, since the story was a request. What should I do?

    Edit: It was a request

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    I'm so happy and excited

    I really can't believe that I managed to go two days without Fimficion. I need to confess, when I saw that the site page went wrong I thought my account had been banned, but then, I went on Twitter, and I calmed down myself when I knew it was just a Hardware error. I can't wait to continue writing stories for all of you!:pinkiehappy:

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    I intend to write a massage history, although I have no idea when it will be ready, I don't know what the Rating should be. Like, my main intention is to make the reader feel in the place of the character being massaged. I don't know if it should be Everyone since there is nothing like a massage, if it should be Teen since it involves touch. Or if it should be Madure since my intention is to make

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So, about my recent history ... · 8:13pm Jul 15th, 2020

My recent story that I published received, shall we say ... negative reaction. I was thinking about deleting it, but I don't know if I should do it, since the story was a request. What should I do?

Edit: It was a request

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You should keep it published. Ignore the haters, they're trying to get a reaction from you.

Well, if it was a request, maybe you could first make a copy to give to the person-so they can still have it and you won't feel bad-and then take it down from the site.

Go with your gut

Make a sequel. What will happen next?

I haven't read the story but considering it's getting much views at the moment, the requester probably knew it would turn out to be bad so you doing it when he thinks your better at it, I think you should talk to him about this.

Well I have a sequel being written, but I don't know if I'm going to publish

Not exactly though. I said excellent in the comment section. ^^'

I was talking about the like and dislikes on the story Twilight Star did for you.

Gladmane’s Revenge is not terrible story, is just need some work is all.

Can you tell everyone what The sequel is about before you publishing it?

Also can you being back Gladmane’s Revenge please I’m really like it.

I say publish the sequel. Honestly if your that hurt by the negative votes, post the story and read the comments, and then remake the story with the criticism you get. Its a learning experience!

Oh, you already took it down... I say for future reference, just try again with what you learn from the first time.

I sadly didn't get to read the story, so my only reference are few of comments I glanced at. That being said, you should try to resolve the problems pointed out by some of the criticism and ignore people who don't have anything helpful/encouraging to say.

Prehps a rewrite is in order? And have someone look it over for inconsistencies/errors? (I could even help with that if need be, though I'm not all that qualified.)

I don't think anyone should delete their stories just because of criticism. They should try to improve and learn from them instead.

Try asking for proofreaders. Having some people preview the story or stories before posting helps any and all writers, of any level, and helps avoid a lot of the senseless and unhelpful criticism.

Are you going to being Gladmane’s Revenge back yet?

So did you fix Gladmane’s Revenge story yet?

So are you going to being back Gladmane’s Revenge yet?

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