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  • Monday
    The Evil Video Games

    Blaming video games on everything it seems a lot of out of touch morons are doing... or even what humans were like in the past.

    I don't recall Genghis Khan getting angry over losing to a game a Call of Duty and creating the Mongol Empire out of retaliation for example.

    17 comments · 90 views
  • 6 days
    Strength Training Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 now released.

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  • 1 week
    Strength Training updated.

    The stroy has been updated.

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  • 1 week
    New Anthro Story

    Going to try my hand on anthro a little. Expect pointless smut and bendy themes.

    The story is called: Strength Training.

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  • 1 week
    What goes good on pancakes?

    What do you think goes good on pancakes?

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Team America Movie · 9:45pm July 3rd

Do you think a movie like Team America could ever be made again?

It's one of my favorite movies ever.

Report Bendy · 70 views · #Team America
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Comments ( 10 )


If in America: The mob has their way everything will be cancelled till everything is deemed inappropriate and we end up with a bad dystopia nightmare for everyone that doesn't fall in line. Or we will have a new holiday that revolves around the removal of thought/moral cancel culture/policing and people can have free speech again without fear of losing everything.

If in another country....well they can fill in their opinion.

Nah, everyone's offended these days.

Hell, Team America got away with Kim being the main villain in a racist stereotype but once The Interview shows Kim in a more realistic manner compared to Team America and all of a sudden it got banned for a while.

I don't think so. Things have changed to much for something like that to fly. But at the same time Bevis and Butthead is coming back.

Maybe. There has always been creators that haven’t been afraid to embrace controversy.

Mine too and I'm doubtful

My dad took me to see it when I was 12, and I turned out okay.

America needs it now, bad.

In order for satire to work, you have to go crazier than whatever you're satirizing. Looking at the world right now, I'm not sure anyone is crazy enough to pull that off without ruining suspension of disbelief.

Kim reportedly enjoyed the movie. He still banned it, obviously, but he was a relatively good sport about being mocked by people who aren't important enough to start a war over.

Team America was a product of its time - only a couple years after 9/11, and actually had a surprisingly nuanced take on the situation (it wasn't really pro-war or pro-USA, was pretty hard on blind jingoism but also admitted that sometimes war is kind of necessary). And given how things are now... I'm really not sure if any satire can match up to our current reality.

Derka derka Muhammad jhade

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