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  • Thursday
    Short Hand: The Price

    Weeks after the dramatic battle with the Deer... And Ponyville was back to normal... Shepherd was walking around, taking a day off. He headed up to Filthy Rich's store to do some shopping... When he saw them. His eyes widened as the Cutie Mark Crusaders happily bouncing out of the store.

    Shepherd: "Huh. Hey girls!"

    Applebloom: "Oh! Howdy Shepherd! Look what we got!"

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    9 comments · 246 views
  • Wednesday
    Short Hand: The Articles

    Shepherd: "Hey Twilight? I got your mail for you. Huh, what's this magazine? Predator Fetish Monthly?"

    Twilight: bright red, snatches it away with her telekinesis "Th-That's about scientific inquiries into the religious practices of certain predator groups and tribes and definitely not pornographic in any way whatsoever ahahahaha!"

    Shepherd: "... Okay?"

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    17 comments · 354 views
  • Wednesday
    Short Hands: Shepherd Tries to Help

    Shepherd tries to Help Twilight Sparkle

    After Twilight Sparkle ascended to Alicorn, and became a Princess, her relationship with Shepherd didn't change too much. He was already a knight assigned as the guard for the Elements of Harmony after all. He did have a lot more duties involving her though. Unfortunately they usually involved paperwork.

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  • Tuesday
    Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 6

    Meanwhile, in the Crystal Empire...

    Cadence: "Oh dear. You're telling me that Luna and Celestia have been overthrown?"

    Sunburst: "That is indeed what has happened, Your Highness."

    Cadence: "By Shepherd?!"

    Sunburst: "Yes! We're also invited to his evil wedding to Fluttershy."

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    11 comments · 311 views
  • Tuesday
    Short Hand: The Return of Harmony 1

    *Shepherd yawns as he walks out of his house into a Ponyville in pure chaotic pandemonium*

    Shepherd: "... What the hell, what the hell..." *yawns* "Fuck it's way too early for this on a weekend..."

    *He wanders into a coffee shop. He asks for a cup, but the pony is a daffodil. He pours himself some, drinks it...*

    Shepherd: "... Okay. What the fuck is this?! It's-it's-!"

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Plot Bunny Theater: Lucky and Twilight's Hangover · 4:45am June 30th


Lucky Clover: The pony whose cutie mark is based on luck. On some days, his luck is the best in the universe! Everything comes up Lucky Clover!

On other days, his luck is the kind that drives a pony to drink.

Twilight Sparkle finds this manipulation of probability fascinating, and so decides to work with Lucky Clover to try and understand his abilities! Not that Lucky Clover really understands it himself. And what better place to study probability than Las Pegasus?

... They wake up the next morning with a hangover, in the same hotel bedroom, married and with Changeling Foal.

Now it's the time to figure out what just happened, and how to fix it...

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Comments ( 3 )

All that’s missing is a manticore in the bathroom...

I guess somebody got lucky :rainbowlaugh:

Also, the Guards want to have a word them, especially since Lucky managed to get promoted to lieutenant...

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