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Chapter 22, Patreon Changes, and UBOAT · 10:12pm Jun 29th, 2020

Hey, hey, people. Gold here. It's been a fair while since I got an update out, for... reasons. Not good reasons, I guess, but you know how it is.

More importantly, I've finally managed to throw off the heavy weight of distraction and get back into writing like a good author ought to. Normally I'd wait to blog about things until I had the draft completely done and could give you all a concrete ETA on when it'll be posted, but I've got 4.5k words written already and I figure that the chapter coming out within a week or two is pretty certain, and also it seems kinda pointless for me to give you an "I'm still alive!" blog two days before publishing a new chapter. So here's your update, ahead of time!

I know it's a pretty common sentiment that the Friesland/Journey North arcs have been stretching on for a bit too long, and I can understand that. Compared to the breakneck pace of EH, ten chapters of politicking and travel—with Luna comfortably sleeping in the background all the while—feels pretty thick. I feel like there's been a lot of important character development over these chapters, but maybe there was a more exciting, adventure-y way I could've done it. I'll certainly be more leery about starting siege arcs in the future, because even with all the shortcuts I took to keep the siege from stretching out even longer—the fact it all gets done in under a week is ludicrously fast—it still seems to have taken too long.

On the bright side, it's over now. We're leaving Friesland, and arriving in other, more interesting places. So you have that to look forwards to.

Moving on from the story, I've made some changes to my Patreon. To summarize, I've made everything cheaper. The lowest tier is now just a dollar, and you can read finished but unedited drafts early for only three dollars. Comment-access—meaning you get to read the drafts and leave comments as soon as I start it—is now a mere five dollars. Really it was a long shot putting up $50 tiers on that thing, but now I realize that less is more. I've also set up an account on LiberaPay, for those of you who don't want to support Patreon or only want to send me one-time donations.

Were you a fan of Silent Hunter? Do you yearn to sail the Atlantic once more, squinting at cargo ships in the distance and trying to compare them to your outdated silhouette book, only to get one-shot by a freighter that has cannons on it? Say no more! I've been having some fun playing UBOAT lately. This is the Silent Hunter 6 that we've all been waiting for. It looks great, it plays well, it's moddable, and it has a ton of interesting features concerning crew management and the parts of being a U-boat captain that don't concern blowing up foreign merchant marine. And it's not even done yet! If you like submarines, get it now while it's on sale.

Anyways, that's all I've got for now. I oughta get back to writing. I'm hoping to finish the chapter's Rarity scene today, and then I just have to write Twilight's scene and I'll be done. I'll see you then! Unless you join my Discord, in which case I'll see you, uh, whenever I see you.


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Cool, looking forward to it.

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