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From the bottom of my heart, thank you. · 6:15pm Jun 26th, 2020

A couple different milestones happened recently.


Secondly, on Getting the Vapors...

Ayy that comment count lmao

Thank you all so, so much. I don't do this for the followers or the attention but because I really do enjoy writing lewd-as-hell clopfics, but it's awesome to know that I've got so many people that enjoy what I do. Y'all are awesome. :heart: :rainbowwild: :raritywink:

That being said, there's something I've been planning ever since I noticed this milestone was coming up. I'm not really sure if it's "too early" to do something like this--it feels like it might be--but I've been thinking of starting a small Patreon for anyone that wants to drop me a tip for doing what I do. It'd also include access to my WIPs in Google Drive and a place in my Discord server (open to more than just patrons, but would be launching alongside the Patreon) to discuss the WIPs and offer some suggestions for new story ideas.

I would have started a Ko-Fi instead of a Patreon for this, since Patreon is very much a "monthly commitment" sort of plan, but Ko-Fi explicitly bans NSFW content, even tangentially--I didn't want to risk getting hit with the Almighty Banhammer by them--and I also thought adding some benefits onto it would incentivize it a little more, which is something that only Patreon really allows.

Is me launching a Patreon something that any of you would be interested in participating in?

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And Patreon, could be worth a try, though I am not using it out of personal reasons

Nah, go with SubscribeStar. They're not as big as Patreon, but Patreon is run by fools that don't know how to run a company. Like, they're practically a payment processing middle-man making tens of millions a month just laundering money, but they have 400+ employees, they're in serious financial debt, and they regularly ban people for the dumbest things, including porn artwork. SubscribeStar has a dedicated Adult's section at least.

And congrats, you did deserve it with the quality of smut you produced.

Oh my...that's good to know. Thanks for the info. I'll start setting things up with SS instead of Patreon.



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