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From the bottom of my heart, thank you. · 6:15pm June 26th

A couple different milestones happened recently.


Secondly, on Getting the Vapors...

Ayy that comment count lmao

Thank you all so, so much. I don't do this for the followers or the attention but because I really do enjoy writing lewd-as-hell clopfics, but it's awesome to know that I've got so many people that enjoy what I do. Y'all are awesome. :heart: :rainbowwild: :raritywink:

That being said, there's something I've been planning ever since I noticed this milestone was coming up. I'm not really sure if it's "too early" to do something like this--it feels like it might be--but I've been thinking of starting a small Patreon for anyone that wants to drop me a tip for doing what I do. It'd also include access to my WIPs in Google Drive and a place in my Discord server (open to more than just patrons, but would be launching alongside the Patreon) to discuss the WIPs and offer some suggestions for new story ideas.

I would have started a Ko-Fi instead of a Patreon for this, since Patreon is very much a "monthly commitment" sort of plan, but Ko-Fi explicitly bans NSFW content, even tangentially--I didn't want to risk getting hit with the Almighty Banhammer by them--and I also thought adding some benefits onto it would incentivize it a little more, which is something that only Patreon really allows.

Is me launching a Patreon something that any of you would be interested in participating in?

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And Patreon, could be worth a try, though I am not using it out of personal reasons

Nah, go with SubscribeStar. They're not as big as Patreon, but Patreon is run by fools that don't know how to run a company. Like, they're practically a payment processing middle-man making tens of millions a month just laundering money, but they have 400+ employees, they're in serious financial debt, and they regularly ban people for the dumbest things, including porn artwork. SubscribeStar has a dedicated Adult's section at least.

And congrats, you did deserve it with the quality of smut you produced.

ArDee #3 · June 26th · · ·

Oh my...that's good to know. Thanks for the info. I'll start setting things up with SS instead of Patreon.



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