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Ain't no birthday like a Shark Week birthday... · 9:35am July 14th

Cuz a Shark Week birthday goes CHOMP!

It's officially my 24th birthday! Though not properly, I guess, considering it's only 2 AM...

I've been hard at work on the sequel to Swim Fast, Eat Ass, aiming for an upcoming release this Saturday Sunday afternoon - a bit fashionably late as far as my birthday and Shark Week are concerned, but it'll definitely be worth the wait. This one's a doozy of a steamy romp!

Just submitted the last assignment for my summer class earlier today (though I guess technically it's "yesterday" now) so that's officially my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science over with, cum laude. It hasn't really sunk in yet cuz I don't have the diploma or anything...but I'm definitely excited for the future and what it'll bring! Unfortunately, my education grind isn't quite over yet, since I've still got the Master's degree left to go that I'll be starting in the Fall...

Anyway, don't really wanna think about that right now. Stay tuned for that new fic, doods!

~RD 🦈

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Whoah, happy birthday! News of how near the sequel is a welcome surprise, for sure.

Happy birthdya

Hey congratulations, man. Making it through school is no easy feat!

Happy Birthday!


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