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Ponyfest 3.0 Panel at 3:30 pm Pacific/6:30 pm Eastern - viewable online! · 8:02pm May 30th, 2020

Ack! I forgot to make a blog post about this yesterday!

Today is Ponyfest 3.0, another online pony convention.

And like the last convention, I'm doing a panel! Specifically, a panel with Tumbleweed.

The topic?

Foiled Again: The Intersection of Romance and Comedy

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Titanium Dragon, Tumbleweed

Why are ponies so ideally suited for both shipfics and comedy? Foil! And not the kind you put on your head to ward off Luna's dreamwalking. Come join the Titanium Dragon and Tumbleweed as they discuss the intersection of romance and comedy, and why My Little Pony is so ideally suited for both.

If you're interested, please swing on by!

The panel starts at 3:30 pm Pacific Time/6:30 pm Eastern Time.

It will be broadcast here.

If you join us on Discord in the writing room, you'll even be able to ask us questions at the end of the panel!

I hope to see many of you there!

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Starlight Glimmer was getting used to Ponyville, and the strange inhabitants. Even the way they were all different was something that took some time to get used to, but had certain advantages too. It was all very confusing, but learning was a confusing process as new information displaced old.

And then there was Pinkie Pie.

The idea that Pinkie Pie could ever have a 'normal' setting without removing her cutie mark was an impossibility. Even 'abnormal' would have been a stretch. 'Outright Weird' was her normal, and fun, and confusing. Dozens of town events had only been explained to her as "That's just Pinkie Pie." It was starting to make sense now, and that bothered her.

"Pinkie?" asked Starlight just as calmly as she could. Getting angry at Pinkie only made things worse because she would try to make things better, and if "I can fix it" was a terrifying phrase from Twilight Sparkle, it was downright world-ending when Pinkie said it.

"Yes," said Pinkie through the cardboard box in her teeth. "I'm pretty sure I'm Pinkie. And you're Starlight, and this is your office, and that is your philodendron, and--"

"Why are you covering me in aluminum foil?" asked Starlight before things could go any weirder.

"Because Twilight said she made a friend out of you by foiling your evil plot, and we haven't been really, really, really good friends so I thought foiling your--"

"Pinkie," said Starlight quickly. "How about we go fly kites instead?"


(Please tell me this is going to be recorded. I'm in the middle of my D&D group right now.)

Was this panel ever held? Is there still a video of it?

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