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So... Where's More? · 5:40pm May 19th, 2020


just a little update on things, as time is passing.

The general situation where I live is slowly getting back to normal and I do hope that, similarly, you all are or soon shall be also seeing the World returning to the usual, as much as possible. Remember that we're all in this together and never shun away from using this time for people that you care about. Letting them know that you're there, even if you cannot be nearby.

That being said – what's with the writing? Well, it's still in progress. The next chapter of the "Journey with the Batpony" is still under construction, as I am finding it a bit difficult to polish it to the level I desire. A lot of that is indeed connected to the general situation. I'm a worrying introvert by nature and I enjoy staying home when I can, but at the same time I would really prefer it to be by absolutely free choice and not... all that is happening. The stress of that and, at the same, matters connected with my work and private life do tend to pile up in my mind, so focusing on creation sometimes gets difficult.

But! That is exactly why I wanted to share an update with you, so you know I'm still around, everything is fine, I just need some more time. I won't give a set date, as that does not seem helpful, but I am about and doing my absolute best. I'm also hoping that I could, perhaps, return to "The Rose and the Serpent" and "Grave Matters" quite soon, to play around with narration and "freshen" my mind up.

Thank you all for your patience and presence. As always, stay tuned. And stay safe!


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Its fine, I know where you are coming from. I'm an introvert by nature as well, but I've been slowly going sir crazy, combined with stress and depression which has led to a lack of motivation to write or to paint my 40k stuff. And lack of motivation to do anything just leads into a viscous circle. Also doesn't help that I am a bit of a perfectionist.

That said take your time with the next chapter and only release it when you feel its ready, no reason to rush. As always well wishes on things in your live both public and private improving!

I feel you on that. im tryin to get a DnD campaign set up to DM and i just cant focus on it. I do hope things get better for you. and hopefully this will all pass fast. On a side note, id love to see more of Grave Matters


Oh, yeah, that's very much what's happening with me too. I am one to overthink a lot of matters and worry even about things I cannot really influence. Vices of one's nature. But, I do my best to fight that. I hope I will be able to release more soon.


It's an insidious thing, this epidemic. It influences us all, one way or another. Also – so very good to see you around still, friend. I worried that you lost interest in my work. Which I wouldn't blame you for, actually, considering all the delays.

Granny Speirs always said, "Ya ain't gunna get nothin' done by not doin' nothin'."

She would also follow that up by somersaulting off a roof and running along the top of a fence, before leaping off the end and disappearing like she was never there.

Some say she died of a broken heart, others say it was cancer. But I like to think that she's still around, waiting at the bottom of a pond somewhere using a piece of bamboo as a straw, until one day BAM! "GIRL! That ain't the way I taught you to scrub bricks! Go with the grain! WITH THE GRAIN!!!"
So yeeeeeeeeah, beware of ponds, I guess, and just buckle down and go with the grain find a way to enjoy the process! :heart:


Hey, Jade! Good to see you about! I hope things are manageable on your end, even with all this mess happening around!

I'm doing my best, yes. Sometimes with more success, sometimes with less. The important part is I am moving forwards... though I would like for it to be a bit faster. :twilightblush:

I dropped off the radar of the site and alot of other places for the longest time honestly. got a job with a dumbass for a manager and its been... stressful. But yeah still around. took some leave from work cause of the covid shit and cause of something the manager tried to pull on me so i took the time to catch up. Delays happen eh? nothing to worry about.


One could say that, but I want for my writing to grant joy to people about. My own little contribution to the World. :twilightsmile:

Glad to have you around again, man.

Meh, manageable is a sliding scale...
And success should be measured on merit, and not result! If you cannot hold your head high when claiming your success, then is it truly the success you claim it is?
Wow, I'm full of it today... I should stop before I use up all my words for the day.


Yeah, spread the word, don't use it all on me! :twilightsheepish: Regardless, good to see you about.

Im still pretty quiet but yes i keep up to date on stories i like. surprised this place and flickered out now that the series is over. granted they did tease the next series. Still. Dont be a stranger eh? feel free to DM me here or on discord


Heh, being a mysterious stranger is a part of my charm. But, of course. Same to you!

I’m sorry to hear how are you feeling friend, damn this quarantine! But don’t worry about delaying the new chapter, we understand that is a key chapter and it must be perfect, so polish it as much as you like. And no need to rush things Gulheru! None wants you to suffer from a burnout and is fantastic that you have almost finished a chapter so important in so little time :twilightsmile:

Also here we are returning back to normal. From last Monday, the Government has decided to allow many activities and jobs to reopen, but with very very strict regulations. Maybe is too early for something like this, but I understand that many small business can’t remain in this state forever. We are also allowed to travel in different towns without the certification, which is a big relief, unfortunately the borders with the other Italian regions are still closed.
Cheers :pinkiehappy:


At least there is some new hope on the horizon, indeed. We will have to remain vigilant and careful, for the sake of ours and all the people around us. But we will manage, I'm sure of it. :twilightsmile:

And, yeah, I'm constantly changing something or rewriting parts. I feel like this chapter has to be done in a very specific way and I need to be confident about it before proceeding.

Sorry for what's been going on but things are looking alot better heck, things could have been alot worse but away from that take you're time to work on the chapter there is no rush


I know there's no rush, and yet I wish to bring a little bit a joy with my work to everybody. We need that joy nowadays.

That's fair, and joy is always a nice thing to have

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