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She-Ra Season 5 (No Spoilers) · 6:48am May 16th

Oh. My. Celestia... that ending.

This was all I could ever want for a reboot series. If you haven't watched it, you definitely should! Gah... so much to say! Might want to touch on it in a new visit from Sunset's Isekai or a later blog when it's not so easy to spoil the ending for everyone.

Also, in case anyone is interested, I wrote two short SoL She-Ra fics in the last few months:

A Stab in the Dark

Jobs and Destiny

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Comments ( 19 )

All I know is that my twitter feed has exploded over the season finale.

Which I’m doing my best to ignore until I have seen it.

I fucking loved it!!! I only wish it wasn't 13 episodes long

That, was a vary gay ending. And to have Bow, the gayest seeming guy on the show, a man raised by two gay dads, was the one with the hots for Glimmer in the end. Who'd a thunk it.

My friend, PJ, tried to get me into this series, but it just cannot compare to Voltron: Legendary Defender. Then again, that was back when we only had one season of She-ra.

All I can say while waiting for this last season is they should have done differently. That way we could SERIOUSLY have at least three more seasons

I loved that finale! I also rather liked Catras redemption arc and how she became Adoras lover. Very hard to do something like that and it was done quite believably, if perhaps not perfectly.

Subverted expectations done well


fucking loved the ending and every thing this is my new favorite show of all time every season was great every episode was enjoyable all the characters are likable

Ya, I want to watch it. But I also want to watch Avatar for the 8th time

Comment posted by Wanderer D deleted May 16th
Wanderer D

5263601 5263590 5263487 5263436 5263425 5263412 5263391 5263387

So, since you guys love it as much as I do, I'm taking the liberty of replying to y'all because I added links above to my two She-Ra fics, if you ever want to take a glance :raritywink: If you have AO3 accounts, do leave a comment!

Nine episodes in, it's amazing so far. So much payoff.

Bummer... neither one is a grimdark... lol

I agree that we could have gotten a few more seasons

Like, the animation at the start felt...off, but I grew to like it. Loved how the show turned out. Also I'll check those out. I believe i have an Ao3 Account, or at least I'm able to read fics on there. Same username?

Wanderer D

5263646 yep, follow the links and you'll find me

Scorpia should totally take everyone out for celebratory drinks at her new favorite bar and completely blow everyone's goddamned mind.

I have followed "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" since 2018, and I'm happy with the way it ended. :)

So close to a perfect ending but then it just ends so abruptly that it's hard not to be mad Netflix didn't splash for an epilogue.

Part ( if not the majority) of the catharsis of victory in war is getting to see life after the fighting.

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