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Get my reference! You must! You must! (And salivate over Celly if you must) · 9:44pm Apr 30th, 2020

Okay, so, I dunno if some of my readers for Amulet of Shades actually caught my Primus reference in Chapter 13... If they did, they sadly didn't comment.

This tragedy must be amended! So... Insta-follow to the first reader that correctly ID's my Primus reference, and I'll make commentary to to a story OF THEIR CHOOSING. Because I don't the-hell know how else to reward you folk.

I mean, srsly... the greats of my generation must not be ignored!


Also, Comic below.
Also... I started the last installment of Fluttershy's Iron Will, but lately I've been more busy mucking about in Seriff Pilcrow's Gdoc for his upcoming release of chapter 16 for Spectrum of Lightning.
Imma good friend like that, fam.

Once FiW launches and gets that complete tag, I'm itching to get back to Amulet.

It calls.
It beckons.
So stay tuned.

Okay, comic time.

Comments ( 6 )

What's Primus?:twilightsheepish:

Ah. But just remember:
Primus sucks.

Someone kill me, burn me then drop acid on my brain to erase me ever watching this. And then don't bury me, because it may get me close to his mud shovel, instead, drop me into a volcano with plastic explosives in my brain detonating half way down the fall...:applecry:

Then use the lava to create obsidian and make a shovel out of it.:trollestia:

I'm going to go burn stories into my brain until someone does that.

Ahem. Yeah, anyway...

That was the reference. (You feeling okay, Meadow???):twilightoops:

*Looks around
Well... Didn't know she was there. Let hope she didn't hear my... Execution Method.:twilightsheepish:

Who knows what she could do...

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