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  • Saturday
    Happy Independence Day

    Now I will say this: Yes, these are hard times. But hard times have always existed. Yes, our country has failed to live up to its ideals at times... Which is why we need to work all the harder for them to be reality.

    But today? We celebrate freedom. We celebrate the city on the hill. We celebrate the courage to tell a bunch of greedy overbearing government officials to shove it.

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  • 1 week
    Hands: Canceled

    I gave it my all and for years I have tried to get Hands properly concluded. But the simple truth is, I am a different person than the one who started a crazy Human in Equestria parody that became indistinguishable from the real thing.

    So in light of this, I have decided that Hands will never be continued as is.

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  • 1 week
    The Stars Revolt: Trap

    Dash: "I bet you that you can't catch Twilight with a book."

    Shepherd: "I... Why?"

    Dash: "Because it would be funny."

    Shepherd: "And the stakes?"

    Dash: "... Twenty bits."

    Shepherd: "You're on."

    And so...

    Shepherd: "Hmmm... I need to be really diabolical about this..."

    He puts a book entitled "DON'T READ THIS BOOK" under a box held up by a stick

    And hides

    And waits

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  • 1 week
    Plot Bunny Theater: Simulations of Evil

    Thanks to Big Mac, Spike and Discord's O&O sessions, Twilight gets the idea to try training and simulating different scenarios for the Elements of Harmony and their allies to Live Action Role Play. And of course, one of those is What If Twilight Turned Evil?


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    Plot Bunny Theater: Lucky and Twilight's Hangover


    Lucky Clover: The pony whose cutie mark is based on luck. On some days, his luck is the best in the universe! Everything comes up Lucky Clover!

    On other days, his luck is the kind that drives a pony to drink.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake · 7:22pm April 29th

Final Fantasy VII-X are key games in my childhood... Well okay, my teenagerhood. And they're very close to my heart. So the remake understandably had to be very, very high quality. I mean, I'd been hurt before by Star Wars. Star Trek. Doctor Who. Hell, even Final Fantasy has been fucked up lately.

All those great franchises, cast down into flames by incompetent, uncreative, idiotic, malicious, foolish HACKS who don't deserve to pen jokes for fucking Popsicle sticks!

... But thankfully, this remake was handled by people who were skilled, creative, loved the series, and hard working. It's a love letter to the game!

... Well the first disk of the game... Well the first half of the first disk... With no guarantee of another part any time soon...

And I got the art book and soundtrack too... Still worth it.

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Comments ( 10 )

Glad to hear some of it at least doesn't suck. I'm with you on the atrocities performed upon Trek, Wars, and the Doctor.

Guess creatives will just have to make new franchises that will stand anew.

People really need to stop thinking it of a true 'remake' of FF7, it's an entirely split AU. If anything, it's making oblique references to FF7, as if some of the agents (Sephiroth) are attempting to change the timeline. Events are happening differently in some subtle ways at the moment, but it may be more extreme in sequel installments.

Twilight: "Hey, Shepherd? Sunset told me some gamers have issues with Aerith dying. Are you sure you're okay?"

Shepherd: "Twilight, it's just a game. Sure, it's one of my favorites but I've been through way scarier stuff and-"

*Cut to Fluttershy dressed as Aerith sitting beneath a tree, and Shining Armor dressed as Sephiroth dropping on her from above*


Shining: "N-No, wait, we were rehears-GAH!"

*Tackles Shining and starts beating the shit out of him!*

From what I understand, the ending of the current release is something that was not part of the original. If they're changing things... well, I still remember Kingdom Hearts 2. Does it go far enough to be able to tell whether Aerith still gains power significantly more quickly than the rest of the party?

Well, yes, it's a remake in the sense of a movie remake, where not everything is the same because that'd be boring. But if it turns out there are actual in-universe characters who know how it originally went and are trying to make it go differently... Well, Soul Calibur 6 did it first (Mortal Kombat doesn't count because it was explicit about what was going on from the start).

I love how the theme of the game seems to have been turned to fighting against fate. Which could make for interesting situations as it's in Sepheroth's best interest if things don't go the way they did in the original. Then again, that's just my take on it.

Granted, most of what I know of the game is from watching various people play it, but yes... some things know what happened in the original. Sephiroth plays a much stronger role early on and some of his actions/comments are very much along the lines of trying to twist 'fate'... IE, the original game.

Play it as if it's an entirely new story with some similar plot points.

Dan #8 · April 30th · · ·


Who the hell is "Aerith?"

Her name is Earisu.

We have yet to even begin to weeb!

エアリス IS transliterated as Earisu, yes, but the english phonemes Eh Ri Su are a better fit for the pronunciation, therefore Aerisu, as in Aether, Aeon, Aero and Aery.

Furthermore, later additions to the canon stress the is meant to be pronounced as a th in English, so Aerith is the official translation I am the Fun Police facetiously pretending to be superior despite not really caring on the Aeris/Aerith divide, but still caring quite a lot about the Ae/Ea thing because that's actually based on other english words rather than dogmatically following a "transliterate and then stop there and screw anyone who doesn't look up the original japanese" mindset. .

I DO prefer Aerith as it is an anagram of I Earth, which is kind of neat given her role in the game.

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