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Just a simple writer trying to make their way in this universe.

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    I am currently an incoherent mess and it is great!

    Why the title? Because this:

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    Zebra marks

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Just sitting, staring and somewhat not believing · 10:31pm Apr 22nd, 2020

So... um, John just hit a thousand views... yeah...

I know bringing in views is not my real goal, just a bonus. I just love to try to entertain you all.

Still, that said. Thank you all so much!

Going to take a page out of season one Fluttershy's book and go hide somewhere from all the attention.


P.S. - In all seriousness, again, thank you all so very much. Also, the next chapter is in production and probably about a third finished. Wish it had been posted before this happened, but life is what it is and random things pull me away at times.

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congratulations, Tael. Acheivement well earned.

Thanks. I'm still just amazed people are this interested in the story, but that is probably more of a self-depreciation thing on my part than anything else.

Accidentally gave myself a mild concussion yesterday so an unexpected little delay to the next chapter while my head recovers.

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