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This story is a sequel to Spot of Tea, Change for Me! - Teapot Tales

New here? Probably best you read Spot of Tea, Change for Me! first. But the gist of it is below:

Five humans fell through the barrier between two worlds, straight into the clutches of King Sombra. Forced to drink from a mystical teapot, their bodies transformed into beasts he could use. With his helmets in place he now commands them:

The Yak with brutish strength, the Unicorn and his piercing spells, the Thestral who stalks the night battlefields, and the Dragon that rains down fire on those who oppose their Great King. All four now loyal soldiers.

But what of the fifth? What happened to the last human in the group and why does he not fight alongside the others?

Warning: The death and gore tags relate to a particular moment that is more implied than seen and described.
As before, this may need to change rating from Teen to Mature.

Cover art is by the very talented Mix-up.

This is the second story from the Teapot Tales.
Along with Spot of Tea, Change for Me!, this story is the first arc of the Teapot Tales.
First set of side stories are in The Loose Tea Leaves - Collection 1 (to be published).
Side stories and a second arc are already planned.

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Sombra needs warriors for his plan to retake the Crystal Empire. He only has a few loyal/brainwashed subjects after his last failure.

His current hideout/lair is becoming infested with these weird humans who keep popping up from a mirror he "acquired". Humans are useless to him. They are overly susceptible to magic.

With his dungeon getting crowded, he starts to wonder. What if they weren't humans anymore? Good thing for Sombra, the mirror wasn't the only thing he "acquired".

Warning: Contains forced changes into races of Equestria.
Not sure if it should stay teen or move to mature. Guessing I got it right.

This is Teapot Tales story number one.
This now has a sequel A Deer Named John.
First set of side stories are in The Loose Tea Leaves - Collection 1 (to be published).
A second story arc is also planned.

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While on a survey to update the findings made by his professor on a much earlier expedition, Close Call observes and notes the strange bat ponies he encounters during his stay. Although seeming skittish, the bat ponies appear to be just as interested by his presence as he is theirs.

(Just a random short. No real point.) It has gained a reason and a sequel is being planned. Stay tuned!

Chapters (1)
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