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Horizon watch: LooneyCon fanfiction panel · 6:05pm Apr 3rd, 2020

Given the current locked-down state of the world, and everyone trying to adjust to full-time life at home as the new normal, it's super exciting to see how the MLP community is coming together for online conventions. A great way to touch base, have fun, and learn new things. In this case, it's also a rare opportunity for a live Horizon sighting!

I'll be joining Super Trampoline, Cynewulf, and BronyWriter in about two hours -- April 3, 20:00 GMT (1 pm Pacific, 4 pm Eastern) -- at this weekend's virtual LooneyCon for a panel on writing fanfiction. To watch or listen in, just join the convention's Discord server from any computer with a web browser, or check out Super Trampoline's Youtube channel for an alternate stream. It'll be more of a general panel, no specific focus, but it can often be a struggle to have any fanfic related programming at a convention and it's good to represent.

More details in Super Trampoline's blog. I know it's short notice, but better late than never!

EDIT: If you missed it and want to catch the recording of the panel, here you go!

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Woooo! I would like to note that since Looney told me he wasn't able to get a general hub stream figured out in time, you will need to click on my youtube channel link. Hope to see y'all there!

Stealing your post, fyi: (since I'm stuck at work troubleshooting VPN)

Pretty busy today, but I might watch it at some point later; thanks for the recording. :)

Oh, though since I see the recording is in fact on your channel, thank you too. :)

I have been helping family move this weekend so I missed it's live run but I will watch it later. Thank you Horizon for taking part. Thank you to the others as well. Thank you especially to Super Trampoline for recording it for those that couldn't watch it live.

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No problem! It was fun getting to talk about fanfic again :)

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