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State of the Scribe: April 2020 · 7:41pm Apr 2nd, 2020

Hey everypone, sorry this is a little late. Our entire world is a little crazy right now--for the first time ever, it felt like the modern setting I was writing about in stories like Fine Print was more normal than the one outside. Hopefully you all are staying safe. Even crazier to me, I've been seeing a ton of new patrons joining, even during this time. I can't express how grateful I am for every little donation at a time of such struggle.

But the stories must go on, and so they shall. Much of this month's calendar should look quite familiar to you, so I'll focus on the new additions here quickly. First, Frames of War--a Warframe crossover story, has joined the monthly queue. I'm quite excited about it, even though crossovers aren't usually my thing.

Secondly, and probably more interesting to many, is the story in Sunday's slot. That's 'Convergence', and it's a prequel to Synthesis, showing the world before and during the early days of Convergence from the eyes of Starlight Glimmer and her human. The story is already finished, but I thought it would be fun to share it with you here on Patreon while it waits for a cover.

Thanks again for your support, and I hope you enjoy April's stories.


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What do the different colors mean?

I am guessing the yellow is for stories posted here on FIMFic and the pink/purple/maroon is for Patreon only. I probably got the colors wrong cause I am colorblind as heck.

I'm sorry to hear that. I can't imagine a world without color. I think you're right, though. That would explain why I can't find the purple stories.

I still see colors, just anything with red and green in it isn't quite right.

Oh. I still fell bad for you. :fluttercry:

The green ones (the ones concentrated in the center of the calendar for someone colorblind), are the stories that get posted on Fimfiction. The blue ones are only on my patreon for now, but will come to fimfiction as soon as they are finished, or their covers are made, depending on what they're waiting for.

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