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Wuhan Virus/Coronavirus/COVID-19: State of the Author (and an Updated Schedule on Immdiate Future Stories) · 4:06pm March 21st

Let's make this short.

I'm okay. For now. If I get a fever, I'll update you with another blog post.

Now here's a quick rundown on what's happening over here:

  • Classes have been suspended until at least mid-April.
  • Currently locked down in my local area for a number of days. At least that's how I think it's going.
  • Livestreaming church services is a go.

This means more freedom for me to write, but I also find the lack of certainty found in my class schedule to be somewhat draining to my usual writing routine. I guess I should stop putting off my to-read list and put in effort to finish reading the stories I've left hanging.

For those looking forward to more chapters in The Little Curiosities, I'll indulge you and say that they're coming. I've already polished up one out of two for the next duo. Expect it to come out this Monday/Tuesday.

For those looking forward to that Crystal War story I'm writing, my current pace should get the rough draft done by the end of April. However, after that, I will be moving on to two stories to publish here before getting to actual editing work with the story. This is because t turns out the Crystal War story is already becoming a sheer monolith of a narrative, and I need to get my editing/self-revision chops in order with gaining experience on them for the following stories (in order):

  • Belshazzar: My Writeoff entry for the Ot writing prompt round. It's already on the Writeoff site, but I want to make it much more presentable and acceptable for publication here.
  • Their Darker Purpose: This is the working title for the sequel to As Flies, Are We—with my track record for working titles, this will most likely become the official title for it.

Polishing work for those stories will only begin after I am done with the rough draft. You will know because I will make a blog post about me finishing the rough draft.

And I will be honest: since the Crystal War story is swelling to a great size, this may take me a long time to get it ready. I want to make sure that, apart from The Little Curiosities, the above two stories would be my only ones to post while I get the Crystal War story up and running. On the bright side, the self-editing process gets easier or faster the farther in I get. If you were to ask me to tell you a rough estimate: December 2020 if I'm optimistic, June 2021 if I'm being realistic.

I do apologize that this is taking a long time to realize. Part of it stems from a concern over inadequacy: the Crystal War story is the dream project for me, and I want to be sure to get this right. However, I must also realize that with more and more time stacked up on it, the higher expectations become, so I have to make a very tough decision between incessant polishing and just getting the thing out before expectations become impossible to fulfill.

Rest assured, unless extreme circumstances force my hand, I will not abandon the story.

May God keep you safe through this unusual time. May you do your part in staying safe and keeping others safe.

by Sugar Morning

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looking forward to your stories, stay safe now!

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