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  • TThe Last Pony on Equis
    In ponykind's final moments, the last living being left on Equis attempts to write down and compile all the tragic events which led to Equestria's downfall - yet truly, it is another purpose these notes serve.
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    Dark Clouds

    I'm a writer
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    For there's nothing over yonder
    In my mind

    I'm a writer
    Who can't write
    Whose works only cause her
    To lie down and pant
    Among a sea of dark clouds

    I'm a writer
    Who can't write
    For whomever enters
    Her world's tiny life
    Brings but distractions
    Inspirations's lack.

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I can hear it! Can you? · 4:42am Mar 17th, 2020

I can hear it - clear as day!
Is it the birds chirping?
Is it the trees rustling?
Is it the foals chasing each other on a sunlit meadow? Is it? Is it!?
No. It is not. I'm all alone. Alone. Alone ALONE
I will forever be. Foreverforeverforeverforeverfore always

...it is so ironic... we grew up learning about the alicorns, their might, kindness and gentleness, glory unlimited through immortality. But now, it is me, a simple unicorn, who stayed. Who is left.

With my demise everything dies. With my passing the world ceases to breathe. For what does existence matter if there's noone to witness?

I cannot begin to imagine how oblivious we were to let this happen, how oblivious we were when they first arrived; sometimes I feel like... it's just better not to think about it at all, you know? To shut myself in.

But I cannot, not today - it cannot remain untold. Not by a long shot. Or at least it shouldn't...

So, here we go: I am Forest Light, and this is my testament...

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Yes, this is a teasor for my upcoming one-shot. The very first one.
Wish me luck! :twilightsmile:

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