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Idea · 1:23am February 26th

"Hocus Pocus: The Animated Series".

And yes I know there was a sequel novelization, still doing this.

The Sanderson Sisters are revived again, but their resurrection isn't complete, they can only manifest at night and are sucked back into the book by morning, with the condition they can prolong their revival during the day by draining children. Thackery is also revived because he's tied to the curse, and he helps a new trio of kids foil the plots of the sisters each night. Comedic hijnks ensue.

"So who are these Sanderson Sisters anyway?"
"Three evil witches that hate children. If they had their way, every child in Salem would give up their life force to them."
"So what, I meet people online like that every day."
"Do those people you meet claim to have magic?"
"You'd be surprised."

"You said they came back and were defeated ago?"
"Yes, years ago, in 1993. And now after 25 years, they've returned, worse than ever."
"My dad says that's been happening a lot these days."

*talking to a cop*
"So let me get this straight. The three of you and your cat were skulking around the woods at midnight with clubs because you think that three witches from the 17th century have come back to life and are making their hideout in the woods as they scheme to drain the life out of all the kids in town. Is that it?"
"Our cat can talk."
"Of course it can. So my next question is where'd you guys park your minivan?"

*at an orphanage*
"Can I help you?"
"Yes. We're here for the children."
"Okay, what's your child's name?"
"Oh, they're not mine, I just want them."
"...Ma'am, I'm going to need you to leave before I call the police."

"Now, think. If we were children again and it was the middle of the night, where would you be?"
"At home, eating."
"Out in the cornfield with the miller's boy" *gets elbowed*

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Comments ( 4 )

You work at Hasbro! Somehow. SUggest this to them!

My brother named one of his cats Binx.

'Hocus Pocus' is owned by Disney.

If you can actually get Bette Midler and Kathy Najamy to reprise their roles, I would watch it every week.

Add in the previous characters as adults making an appearance every so often, you'll have a good series.

EDIT: Generic you in this, obviously.

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