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I have done nothing productive all day.

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    I told y'all I'd be making an update. I told you.

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    And, of course, if you haven't already seen it, here's the reading for both fics in question:

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Signal Boost: The Magic Continues - Batch 1 Announcement · 6:38pm Feb 13th, 2020

Anyone here like ponies? I'm sure you like Ponies. I have it on very good authority that you guys probably like ponies.

Well, just in case you do, and y'all don't remember that announcement I maybe may have forgotten to make a while ago, I'm currently involved with a little project: The Magic Continues.

We're making pony episodes.

More of them.

More details on Rockstar's blog post here.

Now excuse me whilst I go back to my home planet.


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Hey, in the future, could you link the release itself and not my blog post? I'd like to not be seen as the end-all-be-all of project staff, even if I do most of the work...

I linked to your blog because you seemed to have more details than I did, and I don't want to be here linking to a random gDocs page like I'm the only person working on this.

That's a good enough point, but you ARE on the art team, so you can claim you're working on it...

Oops. I meant to say only person working on this.

I think, since the docs say multiple names, and multiple people are sharing, it's not going to look like that. :3

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