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  • 2 weeks
    AI Dungeon

    If anypony here plays AI Dungeon, this is a Scenario I've put together which has a TON of World Info entries, built to make a coherent sandbox of Equestria.

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  • 10 weeks
    LooneyCon Seminar in 12 hours!

    Hey everypony!
    I just wanted to remind and inform anyone who didn't know that I'm scheduled to give my "5 Steps to Writing Anything" seminar at LooneyCon tomorrow. I'm scheduled for Friday at 8 PM GMT, which is...
    4 PM US Eastern
    3 PM US Central
    2 PM US Mountain
    1 PM US Pacific.
    OR, about 12 hours from this post.

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  • 10 weeks
    PonyFest Online 3 (May 30th) - Raccoon's Seminar Schedule

    Hey everypony!
    I've been informed that my scheduled events for PonyFest 3.0, an online convention happening next Saturday, has been finalized. Here are the two events I've been scheduled for, though I'll likely get roped into something else.

    What Fun is there in Making Sense? A Discussion on Crackfics

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  • 13 weeks
    PonyFest 2.0 Seminars / Panels are up!

    For those who haven't been following, I was at the Online PonyFest 2 virtual convention a little over a week ago, where I gave 2 seminars and sat on 2 panels. If you'd like to see those, the YouTube videos are finally up!

    5 Steps to Writing Anything

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  • 14 weeks
    Artemis Fowl (in the era of Censorship-via-Capitalism)

    I just watched the Artemis Fowl trailer, excited that we'd finally see an adaptation of one of the best, most influential works of sci-fi literature, even knowing it'd probably be sub-par...

    ...I have never been so sickened and enraged by the idea of a movie in my entire life.

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The Magic Continues - Batch 1 Announcement · 11:11pm February 11th

Hey everypony, this is a few days old, but I was getting ready for HarmonyCon when it finally dropped, so in case y'all haven't seen... Have some news on The Magic Continues!

The Magic Continues - first 6 episodes announced!
We're getting ready to start releasing the written versions of the first in an unlimited series of fan-episodes. These will be episode-sized stories, set between the aftermath of "End of the End" and the coronation in the flashbacks in "The Last Problem", going over various events set between them. This includes 2 episodes dealing with the destruction of Canterlot, 3 episodes about goings on in Ponyville and the School of Friendship, and a final episode about Twilight preparing to move from Ponyville to Canterlot.

After this, we will be using our streamlined system to work on a much larger batch which will pick up where the coronation story left off, and more batches which will go indefinitely from there. We also plan to have some audio-visual releases, and will be doing a voice-acting drive very soon, so keep an eye out!

More Information on all that in THIS DOCUMENT!

Please spread the link around and word!

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Comments ( 3 )

Wow! This is so exciting!

Quick question: will the events of the Season 10 comics be taken into consideration? I was probably thinking those would just mix everything up some way or another.

No. We started this project before those were even announced, and will likely not bring them in so we can have our own timeline.

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