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    Chapter 22, Patreon Changes, and UBOAT

    Hey, hey, people. Gold here. It's been a fair while since I got an update out, for... reasons. Not good reasons, I guess, but you know how it is.

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  • 13 weeks
    Completed Audiobook and a Year of SH!

    Now I know that normally I update on Fridays, but when I was looking over the chapters for SH I saw that I published the first chapter on May 7th, 2019. That was about four days ago, and after a few frenetic days of coffee and writing, I've just managed to get this next chapter out in time for the story's anniversary! Just over 200k words written in a single year, which is three times the speed

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    Chapter 20 Drafted

    Dude, I'm so over this coronavirus stuff.

    Chapter should be out soon, 15k words. I'll push it as soon as my editors give it the ol read-through!

    And don't forget to wash your hands!

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    Lost Student Revision Ready!

    Hello, little flowers! As promised previously, Empty Horizons: The Lost Student is finally out on FimFic! As I've said a few times now, it really is a huge improvement over the first version, and PsyonicG has been dutifully writing at an impressive pace to get it done. She'll be doing a chapter a day until she runs

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    Sunset's Isekai Chapter Released!

    Here it is! The most recent chapter.

    Those of you interested in seeing Rainbow, AJ, and Flint just relaxing some, and especially seeing Rainbow open up some about her feelings and even get a bit of a happy ending, check it out! This takes place between chapters 18 and 19.

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Chapter 17, an EH Parody, and the Mid-Act Climax · 7:03pm February 6th

So, uh, yo, I just wrote 9800 words in three days, and if you don't see this chapter out this Friday then I'll kill every one of my editors and then myself.

I am on fire. I got together with my co-author this week and plotted out the next four chapters of the story in detail because, frankly, a lot of stuff is about to go down and some precision planning was really warranted to keep it from being a big mess. Suffice to say, Ch. 17 is the last chapter of setup before what I've come to realize is the mid-act climax of Sunken Horizons. Every perspective character is going to have their own climax across Ch. 18-20, and if it goes how I want this is gonna be awesome. And better yet, we'll finally be at the Frozen North, and that means Princess Luna's just around the corner, and—

All the big moments I've been daydreaming about in this act are finally coming to pass.

I'm hype. Super hype. My editors are all hype too, because if they aren't I'll kill them.

In other news, I actually forgot to mention this with my last blog but we have a new story in the Horizonverse! Skijarama, the amazing guy who's been doing the Empty Horizons audiobook, had a crazy idea and wrote it out on a whim. It's a funny little thing about Rainbow Dash's other eye going on an adventure. So check that out!

Really, I don't have much else to say here. I just wanted to let you all know what's up, and hopefully this makes up for how long it took me to write Ch. 16!

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Hype. I'll keep an eye out for news of any pony fanfiction editing related massacres.

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