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My oldest recurring OC over the years · 7:44am Feb 4th, 2020

The oldest recurring character that I still actively write is Zoey. She existed as a character alongside the rest of the original Wielder of the Orb cast before I even started writing on this site, and though the other characters have shown up from time to time in references and joke chapters, Zoey is the only one that has appeared across multiple stories with little to no changes ever being made to her.

Now then. How about a comparison of art? The image on the left was drawn in 2017 for the version of Zoey that appeared in the old Lab Horse series (Equestrian Human, to be specific), while the one on the right is how she would look in both the Pony-Me series and Lab Horse: Redux.

This is the same artist in both images, and Zoey's physical design has not changed at all. The only difference is the improvement in art style over the years.

Check out her Instagram here!

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