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"Dreamwalker Dash" and the Corona Virus · 1:51am January 30th

I hate having to admit it, but it looks like our dear, infectious friend from China will cause a delay of Chapter 5. No, I'm not sick, don't worry. But, as the potential that this virus grows out of control completely rises and with no less than four confirmed cases in a neighboring country of my own (with about 80 other people these four had apparently contact with before they showed symptoms), just about 50 kilometers (31 miles) away from the border, I decided to go and do prepper buying today.
I bought noodles, rice, tomato sauce and a nice collection of canned vegetables, among some other things, which will allow me to hole up inside the apartment for two whole months if the worst should happen. As well as two face masks that will hopefully prevent this virus from entering my respiratory system while I have to be outside and among humans (which isn't very often, thankfully). A few things are still missing, which I'll be getting tomorrow.
Now, that prepper buying alone wouldn't have meant that the chapter is delayed. The virus kept me busy yesterday already (one naturally has a hard time not keeping an eye on the news, really), but things looked still good for getting the chapter out today even after the shopping. However, where it got complicated, was when a chinese woman decided to shop at the same time as I did.
I made sure to stay away from her to avoid any potential sneezes or coughs, but unfortunately, she used the same cash desk that I had to use later. I couldn't go to a different one because, since it was near the store's closing time, only one cash desk was manned anymore. So I decided to play it safe (I have no clue whether or not said chinese woman might have relatives from China over or has been to China recently) and to disinfect each piece of food that I bought after returning home, as well as the bags and my backpack, which took a nice two hours to do.
Now add to this the fact that I barely ate anything today, cause I went outside to shop right after getting up for the second time, and that I had a perfectly timed job center appointment this morning that, as usual, accomplished nothing worthwhile, but made me so tired that I went straight back to sleep afterwards, and you have one exhausted author.
So, as a result of all this, Chapter 5 of "Dreamwalker Dash" is not finished yet and won't be finished anymore for a release today, as my body will soon demand its right for rest and relaxation. But the chapter is progressing. I surprisingly still managed to sit down and write a good chunk of it after returning home today and after being done with all the disinfection business.
I can't tell whether the chapter will come out tomorrow, on Friday or maybe even only at some point during the weekend, but there will be a new chapter this week. I'll let you know when I can tell you a release day.

Stay easy as a filly! (and wear your face masks, because really, this virus isn't a joke)

~ Fluttercheer

Comments ( 10 )

Oh, man, watch out for some Corona Virus-related fanfics.


Do they exist already or have they yet to be written?

Which country are you from, Fluttercheer?

Well, hopefully, this all just proves to be paranoia for you and fears of facing an outbreak right in your area do not actually come to pass. :twilightsmile:

Let's hope for the best. It's fearful.


It's not quite paranoia. I followed the news for a week before prepping and I said I will wait with that until the virus shows up in a neighboring country (aka, at my doorstep). Paranoia is referring to a condition in which one exaggerates matters and worries more than necessary, however, the corona virus (or, wuhan virus, as it should be more accurately called) spreads fast, survives on surfaces for days, has an incubation period without symptoms of 14 days and is not easily contained (as the case in Germany with a potential 80 tertiary infections shows).
Getting prepared only means to be careful in case the worst happens. I am not in any particular state of fear (I actually find it rather exciting, as I have a thing for post-apocalyptic scenarios :heart:) or panic, I just make sure to be one of the remaining few people left if worse comes to worst. :derpytongue2:

Oh no, by all means be prepared still, I just hope the situation never has to get to the point where you have to make good on all of those preparations. :twilightsmile:

Yikes. Stay safe!

I know this fandom, and I know the Plague Inc. fandom, and I'm fairly certain a crossover wouldn't be too much to ask.


I'm pretty divided about this; if it comes to a large, worldwide pandemic, our fandom will be hit hard by it, too. Then again, humanity could need some thinning out. There are way too many humans anyway.
But I'm not one of the gods of fate to decide that. So I'll just sit here in my safe vantage spot and watch the virus apocalypse if it should happen. :scootangel:


I certainly hope so, it's always fun if MLP: FiM fanwork incorporates some world events. I even know a perfect pony for that:


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