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Regarding Characters · 10:54pm Jan 25th, 2020

Okay with the next chapter for Dusk school harem out, I need to ask the readers a few questions. Regarding the next and future chapters of the story. They can help me understand what will make this story more interesting. Let me know in the comments.

1:How do you feel about either Flash Sentry or Flare Warden being in the story?
2:What celebrities would you want to see as foreign exchange students in the story?
3:What types of teachers would react to Dusk being in their classes?
4:What foreign exchange students would you like to see?

Report SonicBlitz18 · 359 views · Story: Dusk's School Harem ·
Comments ( 11 )

1. I would prefer Flash Sentry so Dusk could have a guy friend.
2. I would go with Trapeze Star since she is known as an acrobat.
3. So far, I think Harshwhinny will be more strict in her class so the mares don’t get too distracted from Dusk being in class. That is all I got so far.
4. I would like to see Autumn Blaze and some of the other morons as exchange students.

1. I'm passist for either Flash or Flare really.
2. I'd like to see Fleur de Lis.
3. I agree with BrawnyBold with Ms Harshwhinny. I believe Cheerlee would be concerned about there being a male student in class and Spitfire, could be the flirty type.
4. As for a standard student hm...surprise me.

1. Either is fine
2. Songbird Serenade
3. Brawnybold has it down.
4. Autumn Blaze because I haven't seen much of her before.

1. Flash Sentry is A good candidate.
2. I want Fleur de Lis.
3. I thinking is should be Ms. Harshwhinny
4. Autumn Blaze

1. Flare would be a nice touch.
2. Fleur de Lis
3. Depends on the teacher. Spitfire the flirty type, Harshwinny strict, and Cheerlee maybe irritaded
4. Autuum Blaaze, because we didn't have much of her.

1. Flame is a perfect choice, because he's hardly use in other stories and in the series
2. Sapphire Shores
3. Spitfire, also why is everyone here suggesting Harshwhinny? Does no one remember seen her in the gym, when Gilda drag Dusk into the gym?
4. A young Chrysalis? If that's too weird, then maybe Skystar... unless she counts as a celebrity, then I got nothing.

In addition to Question 3, perhaps Ms. Peachbottom could be a teacher and she would compliment Dusk for being such a good boy and a cutie.

1. I'll agree with BrawnyBold, if you can swing Flash in so Duck has some brevity form all the girls it would be nice, but if not the Flare is fine.
2. Fleur and Rara would be nice, plus if you made them friends with Rarity and A.J respectively it could lead to some interesting high jinks.
3. Everyone here's pretty much hit the nail on the head. Tho Chrysalis as a drama/theater teacher would be nice to see.
4. Maybe female thorax(names Carina), Skylar or Little Strongheart.

1: I have no views about Flash Sentry and have no idea who Flare Warden is. If the latter is the accepted name for Fem!Flash, then I'd side with Flash. (I've always gone with "Shimmer Sentinel" for Fem!Flash)

2: Not sure what you mean by this one. If Octavia isn't already spoken for, perhaps her as an exchange student from Prance? (Not sure if the fandom has come up with their own name for Pony!Italy, but just as Neighpon can cover more than just Japan, Prance could basically be "Pony Western Europe") ("Pony Eastern Europe" is covered under Stutegaard, although Yakyakistan can cover the same idea.). If you include Tavi, it's pretty much requited that Vinyl shows up somewhere. Maybe she's Stutegaardian?

3: I'm not sure if at an all-girls university, they'd have male teachers, but if they do, I'd probably want Time Turner to teach Temporal Thaumaturgy (AKA "Why you do not mess around with time magics lightly"). Chrysalis doesn't strike me as a drama/theatre teacher. I see her more as a Gender Studies teacher who hates men. That said, if she was a drama teacher, I'm sure that she'd prolly force Dusk to wear female costumes/play female roles just because she can. If Dusk gets roped into Agricultural Studies, I'm sure that whoever is teaching that is prolly going to have Dusk moving heavy things more than his fair share.

4: Ember. Have her be a Neighponese International student. Maybe she's in line for the Lotus Throne and to make sure that she isn't hounded by the press/can focus on her studies, she isn't openly enrolled as Princess Ember, but rather Cooling Flame. Maybe there's also a "reformed" changeling who causes similar problems to Dusk because apart from the Queen and Underqueen "castes", 'lings don't really have a fixed "sex" and this 'ling doesn't have a preference one way or the other.

1. I'm neutral on Flash Sentry / Flare Warden. Actually, I kinda like the idea that Flash Sentry is head of security or something which would give Dusk the chance to have a male friend on campus.

2. I'm going to assume you meant simply celebrities since question 4 is only foreign exchange students. As such I suggest Sapphire Shores, Rara/Coloratura and/or Songbird Serenade.

3. I think BrawnyBold, Wolf Blood & Sheppard741 have good ideas here.

4. Octavia (though I have a headcanon that she's Italian), Fleur de Lis (French of course) and Autumn Blaze (Japanese or Chinese).

1) Honestly then the idea of Flash sentry / Flare Warden I don't think it can go well but I will adapt to your choices. always if it will not be one of those students who tries to enter or that team you spoke in the updated chapter. it could be a good idea.
2) for celebrities I agree with Songbird senerate. maybe princess Skystar, maybe and a classmate from Dusk and her mother Queen Novo and swimming or water sports teacher could go.
3) Octavia. Autunn blaze are fine as student exchanges. Fluer de lis there would be the problem that is of another school, uhm always if you don't make the latter change school for his choice it could be fine

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